Student Services

COVID-19 Update: Student services has created this resource guide, which outlines effective strategies for transitioning to online learning and also highlights some of the campus resources available to you, including tutoring, academic coaching and IT assistance.  

If you need additional support beyond what UWS is able to provide. 
· Visit 211 Info for information regarding local health and social resources available in the Portland area.
· For general self-care, mental health and stress-reducing tools, check out the resources available available here.

Support for our students and community.

University of Western States (UWS) provides robust service to our students. You can take advantage of tutoring programs, health resources, accessibility services, and clubs and activities to make your UWS education as friction-free as possible. When you attend UWS, not only are you studying whole-person care but the university’s myriad services provide whole-person care to our students. We invite current — and prospective — students to find what you need.

Academic Help and Resources

Student Life and Experience

Technology and Campus Resources