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The University of Western States campus store is more than just a bookstore, in fact, UWS students buy most of their books with a click of the mouse at our online retailers below. However, the campus store is a student’s one-stop-shop for UWS apparel, snacks, nutritional supplements, school supplies, equipment and study materials. So stop by and take a gander. It also houses parking and transportation services. Questions? Contact the friendly campus store team at 503-251-5763.


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Required Texts by Program

Doctor of Chiropractic

Click to download:  textbooks by quarter  |  textbooks by author

Exercise and Sport Science

Click to download:  textbooks by course

Sport and Performance Psychology

 Click to download:  MS/EdD SPP textbooks by course

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

 Click to download:  CMHC textbooks by course

Sports Medicine

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Undergraduate Programs

Please contact Dr. Sims-Barbarick, dean of graduate and undergraduate studies, for current book list.

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Campus Purchasing Center

The campus store also serves as the campus purchasing/shipping/receiving center. Please call with any questions or requests: 503-251-5763.