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The University of Western States campus store is more than just a bookstore, in fact, UWS students buy most of their books with a click of the mouse at our online retailers below. However, the campus store is a student’s one-stop-shop for UWS apparel, snacks, nutritional supplements, school supplies, equipment and study materials. So stop by and take a gander. It also houses parking and transportation services. Questions? Contact the friendly campus store team at 503-251-5763.


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Required Texts by Program

Students are encouraged to check the library catalog for electronic versions of required and recommended textbooks before  purchasing. The library carries a few copies all of the required and recommended textbooks in print and has been able to obtain electronic versions of many textbooks for all programs at UWS, saving students hundreds of dollars per term.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Click to download:  textbooks by quarter 

Sport and Performance Psychology

 Click to download:  SPP textbooks by course fall 2019

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Sports Medicine

Click to download:  textbooks by course

Undergraduate Programs

Please contact Dr. Sims-Barbarick, dean of graduate and undergraduate studies, for current book list.

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Campus Purchasing Center

The campus store also serves as the campus purchasing/shipping/receiving center. Please call with any questions or requests: 503-251-5763.