The Cornerstone Society: A Student Referral Community


Student referrals are one of the most important ways our alumni and friends can give back to University of Western States (UWS). Because of that we consider our student referrers to be the cornerstone of our university. The Cornerstone Society is a network that is a critical part of how talented professionals find their way to UWS programs. 

Do you know someone who is interested in learning more about a UWS program?

Share with them information about UWS programs. Have them submit their information in the request information form and our admissions team will reach out to them.  

If the person decides to apply to UWS, be sure they include your contact information as the referrer on their application so you can receive the benefits of being a Cornerstone Society member. 

Thank you, Cornerstone Society!

All members of the Cornerstone Society are showcased in our campus foyer as well as at events like commencement ceremonies. When you refer someone for the very first time, the office of alumni relations will send you a Cornerstone Society branded gift. Additionally, we will honor one member a year as our Distinguished Cornerstone Society Member for those individuals who refer the most applicants during the calendar year. We are truly grateful for your student recommendations.

FAQs about referrals

Who is eligible to be recognized for referring a student?

Alumni, friends of the university, board members and most students can be recognized for referring a student to a UWS program.

What UWS programs are eligible for student referral recognition?

Referrals to all graduate-level degree or certificate programs offered at UWS are eligible for recognition. Referrals to undergraduate level programs or pre-professional coursework do not qualify.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Student Referral Recognition Program?

Please email the office of alumni relations at [email protected] if you have questions.

2022 Distinguished Cornerstone Society Member

Caitlin graduated from UWS in 2020 with her Master of Science in human nutrition and functional medicine. She currently coaches outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, creating personalized nutrition strategies for long-term health and sports performance. 

Caitlin Holmes

“I believe that UWS stands out above all other graduate programs in the field of clinical nutrition. The education I received was rigorous, exciting and evidence-based, which prepared me for multiple trajectories in a nutrition career, including compassionate clinical work, skilled research and scientific writing. Because my experience was so positive, I encourage anyone interested in nutrition as a career to pursue the best education possible. There isn’t any other learning opportunity like UWS. The educators, coursework and focus on research, are what make it shine.”

Caitlin Holmes MS, CNS, 2020 UWS Graduate