Admissions Information

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counselors provide treatment to individuals, families, couples, children and groups. They treat clients with a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, stress and suicidal impulses. They also help with mental and emotional health issues and relationship problems.

The University of Western States clinical mental health counseling graduate programs emphasizes a systems approach in which students consider the influence of families, groups, teams and organizations on individual mental health and performance. They also incorporate sport and performance content into the curriculum.

UWS offers two distinct degrees within the clinical mental health counseling program: Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Education, Sport and Performance Specialization (EdD).

Clinical Mental Health Counseling vs. Sport and Performance Psychology

All CMHC courses integrate sport and performance psychology (SPP) components and SPP courses integrate CMHC components. In addition to within-course integration of sport and performance content, this degree option places clinical counseling courses alongside sport and performance courses during most terms. Learn more about the sport and performance psychology program.

Whereas the course content within these two programs feel similar, the career outcomes can differ for these two programs. Trying to decide which program is right for you? Check out this valuable resource that can aid in directing you toward the right educational path!

What do you need?

Prerequisite Entrance Requirements

Master of Science Program

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) or first professional degree.
GPA Requirements: Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. *Applicants with a GPA below 2.75 please contact admissions.

Doctor of Education Program

Minimum Education: Master’s degree from an accredited college or university (or foreign equivalent).
GPA Requirements: Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale in completed bachelor’s program or a cumulative 3.0 GPA in a master’s program. *Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 please contact admissions.

Technology Requirements: Since this is an online program, you must have access to a reliable computer, basic computer skills and a dependable connection to the Internet.

Credit Conversion:

  • 1 quarter credit = .67 semester credits
  • 1.5 quarter credits = 1 semester credit
  • 5 quarter credits = 3.33 semester credits

How to Apply

Entry Terms and Application Deadlines

Entry Terms:

  • MS: fall, spring, summer
  • EdD: fall, spring, summer

Admission Deadlines: Applicants are encouraged to submit their application and all supporting documents sixty days prior to their intended start date. Listed below are the priority and final deadlines that may be helpful in planning your application submission.

Spring 2021

Priority Application Deadline – February 5, 2021
Final Deadline – February 19, 2021
Deposit Deadline- March 5, 2021
Classes begin April 5, 2021

Summer 2021

Priority Application Deadline – May 7, 2021
Final Deadline – May 21, 2021
Deposit Deadline – June 4, 2021
Classes begin July 5, 2021

Fall 2021

Priority Application Deadline – August 6, 2021
Final Deadline – August 20, 2021
Deposit Deadline – September 3, 2021
Classes begin October 4, 2021

Deadline Considerations:

  • Applicants with in-progress coursework will still be considered for admission and are asked to submit final transcripts upon course completion.
  • We understand that some applicants may be waiting on final grades from prerequisite coursework to submit final official transcripts after the final deposit deadline.
  • We require that students submit their entire application, supporting documentation and be successfully interviewed and deposited by the deposit deadline.
  • If you are unable to submit your application and materials by the final deadline, please contact the admissions office at [email protected] or 800-641-5641.

Application Requirements

  • Transcripts: UWS requires official transcripts from all prior college and universities. Official transcripts should be mailed directly from those institutions to the UWS office of admissions. Our mailing address is: 8000 NE Tillamook St., Portland, OR 97213. UWS also accepts electronic transcripts from EScript-Safe and Parchment. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded and attached to your application.
  • Personal Statement: A well-written personal statement discussing experiences in and fit for the profession.
  • Interview: A personal interview is required of all applicants. The UWS office of admissions will contact you directly to schedule a personal interview after your application and transcripts have been reviewed. Interviews may be completed either in-person or via Zoom video conference.
  • $50 application fee
  • International applicants must also fulfill the international student admission requirements.

Additional Requirements for Full Acceptance

  • Successful completion of a background check through our approved partner, Advanced Reporting. A link to complete this process will be sent to you upon your offer of conditional acceptance to UWS.