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The University of Western States main campus is located in a bustling neighborhood, 15 minutes from downtown Portland and close to public transportation at 8000 NE Tillamook Street. The neighborhood, Madison South, offers a lively atmosphere and borders the neighborhoods of Sumner, Roseway, Parkrose, Cully, Montavilla and Rose City. Some landmarks and attractions near to campus include the Grotto, Rocky Butte Natural Area, Rose City Golf Course, and Madison High School – as well as many restaurants and coffee shops. The main campus is served by a TriMet bus stop adjacent to the site and a MAX Light Rail Station within one-quarter mile. It is also on the Tillamook Neighborhood Greenway bike route.

The convenience of public transportation comes in handy for students and faculty because our state-of-the-art anatomy lab is located off-campus, just three-miles from the main campus at 2900 NE 132nd Avenue. The #77 bus line runs from the main campus to the off-site anatomy lab.

University of Western States does not offer on-campus housing, however, the office of student affairs helps provide students with housing resources for Portland and surrounding areas near the university. Information about community housing opportunities is posted throughout campus and on UWS Switchboard. This Portland Relocation Guide is another good place to start as you plan your move.

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Portland Neighborhoods

Portland Housing

Portland neighborhoods are as diverse as its citizens. From the urban dining and shopping scene in the Pearl District to the lively, bohemian streets of Hawthorne to the hip hangouts of Alberta Arts, it’s easy to find a neighborhood that matches your personality and interests. Find your new stomping grounds.

Portland is made up of five distinct sections: North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest – each with their own personality.

Burnside Street divides the town from north to south and the Willamette River divides east from west. The river is also the starting point for the north and south avenues that fan out in increasing order from either side of the river. 

Learn more about the amazing city of Portland here.

Find Housing

UWS is located in the Madison South neighborhood in the northeast section of the city, closely bordering northeast/southeast dividing line. Most students who live in Portland choose to live nearby in the north, northeast or southeast sections and often close to one of the following bus lines that travel near our campus (#72 and #77 ). When looking into housing, take note of our location and surrounding neighborhoods: Sumner, Roseway, Parkrose, Cully, Montavilla and Rose City.

While it is possible to live on the west side of the Willamette River in Beaverton, Hillsboro and SW Portland, the commutes tend to be much longer. Instead, students frequently live in adjacent suburbs that offer lower rents and larger living accommodations such as Clackamas, Corbett, Damascus, Fairview, Gladstone, Gresham, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Troutdale and West Linn. The commute to UWS is also very easy on Interstate 205 from the following communities across the Columbia River in Washington: Battle Ground, Camas, Salmon Creek, Vancouver and Washougal.

Here’s a helpful map with information on neighborhood boundaries. Students interested in finding nearby housing should utilize UWS Switchboard where you can create an account and post a personal ‘ask’ or ‘offer.’ Craigslist is also a helpful resource. For pet owners, the Oregon Humane Society keeps a list of pet friendly rentals. Read up on the City of Portland’s fair housing laws and other housing resources here.


Local Housing Resources

*University of Western States does not endorse any of these properties or housing resources.

Think you found a winner? Get property and area data, including utility cost, school district information, nearby parks, crime rates and noise levels at www.portlandmaps.com.

Find a Roommate

Students interested in finding roommates and shared housing should utilize their UWS Facebook cohort group or UWS Switchboard where you can create an account and post a personal ‘ask’ or ‘offer.’ All accepted students will be invited to their UWS Facebook cohort group. Facebook cohort groups and UWS Switchboard are free from spammers, advertisers and large-scale brokers. For more information or additional assistance, please contact student affairs at 971-449-9264.

Public Transportation

No car? No problem. “Go green” (it’s the Portland way) and take public transportation to class – you’ll save money. UWS provides reduced cost public transportation passes to students who choose that option. UWS students, staff and faculty are all encouraged to bus, train, bike, hike, skateboard or roller-skate to the university. Get some fresh air and exercise by replacing your daily car-commute with something a little more fun.

The #77 bus line runs from downtown Portland to Troutdale, so it covers a lot of ground. The best part about this line is that it runs between the main campus and the off-campus anatomy lab. If you need an anchor or something to center your housing search around, look for a place on the #77 bus line.

The #72 and #77 bus lines and the red, blue and green MAX lines all stop at the main campus. The #19 and #24 buses drop off an easy biking/15-20 minute walk.

The #23 and #77 bus lines drop off just blocks from the off-site anatomy lab. Bus lines #22 and #71 are an easy biking distance from the off-site anatomy lab.

Check out Portland TriMet for more information on public transportation.