Tutoring and Academic Coaching


UWS provides free writing tutoring to all online students and peer-to-peer tutoring to doctor of chiropractic students. We encourage you to sign up early for services. Don’t wait until you fall behind!

Writing Tutoring

About Writing Tutoring

Our writing tutor, Stori Long, is available to collaborate and guide you through your writing projects. The goal of writing tutoring is not just to have your papers “edited,” but to equip you with big picture ideas and strategies to help you become a stronger writer. Keep in mind, Stori is not a content expert and content-based tutoring is not available for college of graduate studies students. 

Common areas that writing tutoring can help with include: 

  • Finding and maintaining an appropriate tone (i.e., formal versus informal) 
  • Creating a cohesive narrative flow for your research papers  
  • Sentence structure, syntax and grammar  
  • Active vs. passive voice  
  • Research planning  
  • APA citation 
  • Support for english language learners 

Request Writing Tutoring

Please fill out the information below to request writing tutoring support. You must submit a new form for each different assignment for which you would like help. 

You will receive a response via email from the writing tutor within two (2) business days. If you have trouble with the form or have not heard back regarding your submitted request, please contact [email protected]

For research assistance, do not fill out this form. Instead, contact the library at: [email protected]

Group and Open Lab Tutoring (DC Students)

About Group and Open Lab Tutoring

Due to COVID-19, tutoring will be offered virtually using Microsoft Teams until further notice. See “Request a Tutor” below for more information.

Doctor of chiropractic students can sign up for group tutoring for a variety of courses throughout the program. Appointments can be scheduled online at uws.mywconline.com. There is no limit to the number of tutoring appointments you can make or courses in which you can make them, so take advantage of this free resource as early as possible.

Open Lab Tutoring

Throughout the chiropractic program there are courses that have open lab tutoring time. Labs are set up as drop-in tutoring sessions that are held at least once per week during the quarter. Open lab times are announced by course faculty.

Questions? Check out our FAQ section. For any additional questions that cannot be answered there, please contact [email protected].

Peer Tutoring (DC Students)

Request a Peer Tutor

Follow these quick and easy steps to request a tutor: 

  1. Log in to uws.mywconline.com  
    First-time users must select “Register for an Account” and register with their UWS email address.
  2. Follow these tutoring appointment instructions to create an appointment. All appointments are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).
    *Same day appointments are not available. All appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Use these guidelines for virtual tutoring to prepare for your sessions.  

Become a Peer Tutor

Apply below to become a tutor.

Tutoring FAQs

Are groups set for the entire quarter?
No, you can make appointments one at a time.

Can I stop or start appointments as needed?
Yes, you will not be locked into an appointment during weeks they can’t or don’t need to attend.

Do I have to schedule an appointment with the same tutor all quarter?
No, you can schedule appointments with different tutors to find the best match.

Is there a limit on how many appointments per week?
No, there is not a limit.

Do I have to go through student success to make an appointment?
No, you should self-schedule your own appointments through uws.mywconline.com after creating an account. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Are same day appointments available?
Not at this time.

Can I schedule more than one appointment per day?
Yes, as long as the times do not overlap.

Can I get specific tutoring for an online class offered through the college of graduate studies?
Content-specific tutoring is not available for programs in the college of graduate studies. Writing tutoring is available to help students with concerns about writing. Concerns about specific course materials should be directed to the course instructor.


What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is available through the office of student services for all current UWS students. Academic coaching allows students the time and space to work through any academic or personal challenges they are experiencing while identifying possible solutions. Common discussion topics include study skills, tutoring, time management, test preparation, test-taking, procrastination and stress reduction. Coaching appointments are individualized, so discussions focus on your unique experiences, strengths, challenges and goals.

How can academic coaching help me?

A coach can help you determine next steps for any upcoming challenges you face, such as organizing your study schedule, learning new study strategies and building better test-taking habits. They can also refer you to other campus and community support resources. You may choose to meet with a coach for a single appointment or book a series of coaching appointments for continued support. From working on time management skills to test anxiety, your coach can help you build the skills and confidence necessary to stay on track as you progress academically. 

How can I make an appointment with a coach?

To schedule an academic coaching appointment, please email [email protected]. All appointments will take place during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PST) via Zoom or phone.