Health Services

Health Services Offered at UWS


All UWS students and their families are eligible to receive complimentary, high quality, chiropractic care from the UWS clinic.


Counseling services are provided free to all UWS students and their families through the WellConnect student assistance program. WellConnect is easy to use and offers referrals and support for various types of counseling to suit your individual needs. Visit (code: UWS) or call 866‑640‑4777 to get started.

Fitness Facilities and Wellness Activity Fee Reimbursement

The University of Western States fitness center, located in the the gym, includes aerobic equipment (FreeMotion Fitness ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills) and a strength training suite (weight systems, cable based training, and plenty of free space for equipment clearance). The gym features a basketball court, ping-pong table, foosball, lounge and locker rooms.

UWS encourages students to support healthy behaviors. Each quarter students can be reimbursed $20 for participating in a wellness activity. It can be gym memberships, online fitness classes, exercise, meditation and wellness apps, race or competition registration fees and even personal workout equipment. Just fill out the wellness activity fee reimbursement form once a quarter, attach the receipt from that quarter and turn in the form to student services.

UWS Clinic

The UWS clinic operates in conjunction with the university. It offers whole-person health care, including chiropractic, prevention and wellness care, sports medicine and functional medicine. The clinic also offers diagnostic imaging services. Learn more about the UWS clinic.

Health Insurance

All UWS students are encouraged to have health insurance coverage, but the university does not require students to show proof of health insurance coverage. For students interested in finding coverage, find an overview and comparison of multiple plan options here. UWS students are encouraged to review information on their consumer rights in regards to health insurance. The State of Oregon provides resources for you here.

Other helpful resources include:

Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Resources

WellConnect Student Assistance Program

As a UWS student, you and your household members have free access to the WellConnect student assistance program that provides referrals and support for:

  • Counseling (in-person, phone, video and text)
  • Life skills
  • Financial and legal consultation
  • And much more!

Visit (code: UWS) or call 866‑640‑4777 to learn more about how WellConnect can help you stress less, balance school, work and life, improve relationships, reduce debt, live healthier, and more.