Sport and Performance Psychology

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The integrated sport and performance psychology (SPP) graduate programs at University of Western States (UWS) provide students with the skills in positive and applied sport psychology needed to enhance performance and transform lives. Taught by distinguished faculty with extensive sport psychology program experience, the curriculum educates students on the process of success, creating and leading highly effective teams, using positive motivation and communication techniques, as well as setting and achieving high goals. The programs and faculty prepare graduates with the firsthand experience needed to serve as leaders in the sport, coaching, exercise, mental health counseling and wellness disciplines.

Students will learn:

  • To design effective psychological skills training programs
  • To work with high-performance teams in athletics, performing arts and corporate settings
  • To implement educational programs to enhance psychological development in athletes, organizations and businesses
  • The components of successful coaching and how leadership impacts individual and team performances
  • The psychology of high-performance teams and the role of group factors in individual and team performance
  • To work with professionals in high-risk occupations such as police, firefighters and military

The SPP programs offered include: master of science (MS), doctor of education (EdD), and three graduate certificates. The specialized EdD programs incorporate elements of a research-oriented PhD (doctor of philosophy) and a Psy-D (psychology doctorate), which allow students to meet their specific career goals and educational needs. The counseling coursework is an essential aspect of the training in SPP and toward becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). Additionally, if students are interested in pursuing licensure in mental health counseling, UWS offers a master’s program as well as an integrated EdD degree in clinical mental health counseling with the sport and performance psychology curriculum included.  To learn more about these licensure-eligible programs, please visit the clinical mental health counseling page for further details. While these degree programs are similar due to course content, the career outcomes can differ. Trying to decide which program is right for you? Check out this valuable resource that can aid in directing you toward the right educational path!

Concentrations Offered within the MS Degree:  Positive Coaching

Concentrations Offered within the EdD Degree:  Positive Leadership and Administration  |  Individual Studies

Clinical Mental Health Counseling:  MS degree  |  EdD degree with SPP specialization*

*SPP-EdD content is available in the 138 credit CMHC-EdD pathway for those pursuing counseling licensure. This integrated EdD degree in clinical mental health counseling includes the sport and performance psychology curriculum.

Graduate Certificates: Sports Nutrition  |  Positive Leadership and Administration  |  Applied Sport Psychology