Sport and Performance Psychology

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Integrating theory and current research, our sport and performance psychology programs train students in motivation, performance enhancement and the ability to maximize human potential. The SPP programs offered include: Master of Science (MS), Doctorate of Education (EdD), and a graduate certificate. These options allow students to meet their specific career goals and educational needs.

The integration of sport psychology and counseling coursework offers graduates a broader potential scope of practice and a deeper engagement in the field. The counseling coursework is an essential aspect of the training needed to become a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology (MS-SPP)
The MS-SPP program is designed so that students from all backgrounds can achieve their academic and professional goals in sport and performance psychology.  The program includes 10 required courses, three elective courses and a capstone course designed to allow students to develop a truly integrated professional philosophy to serve their chosen area of interest.

Two optional concentrations in the MS-SPP program are also available.
Applied Practice Concentration
The applied practice concentration allows students to get a head start on the mentorship hours toward certification as a mental performance consultant (CMPC®).

Positive Coaching Concentration
The positive coaching concentration sets students up to enhance and expand their roles as athletic/business coaches, administrators or managers within their chosen field.

Doctor of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology (EdD-SPP)
The EdD in sport and performance psychology program offers advanced training for individuals in psychology, education, coaching, business, health care, leadership and administrative careers. The degree is a blend between a research-oriented doctoral program and an applied clinical psychology doctorate designed to allow students to meet their specific career goals and educational needs.

Two optional concentrations offered within the EdD degree include:  

Sport and Performance Psychology Consulting
The sport and performance psychology consulting concentration is a year-long experience focused on improving professional competence in applying the theories and techniques learned in the classroom with athletes and performers. Structured with the requirements of the Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) credential in mind, students progress through the stages of securing a site, initial assessment, case conceptualization, intervention design, and implementation under the guidance of an experienced UWS faculty member listed on the CMPC Registry of Approved Mentors. The SPP Pre-Practicum course provides a unique opportunity to work with “standardized patients,” professional actors trained in presenting sport and performance concerns, after which students engage with actual performers in their chosen settings. 

Positive Leadership and Administration 
The positive leadership and administration concentration is intended to help leaders and their teams or organizations succeed through an increased understanding of human motivations and behaviors, and how to apply that understanding to achieve extraordinary results.

Specializations offered within the EdD in SPP degree:
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization (CMHC)*

*EdD-SPP content is available in the 148 credit EdD-SPP with CMHC pathway for those also interested in pursuing counseling licensure. This integrated EdD degree in sport and performance psychology includes a master’s degree in CMHC conferred after the first 90 credits.

Graduate Certificate
Applied Sport Psychology

Faculty and Staff
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