Career Pathways

What is sport and performance psychology?

Sport and performance psychology encompasses the positive and applied sport psychology needed to enhance performance and maximize human potential. The field involves understanding the process of success, creating and leading highly effective teams, utilizing positive motivation and communication techniques, and setting and achieving high goals.

Specialize at UWS

MS Positive Coaching Concentration
This concentration focuses on strategic leadership and coaching used to enhance both physical and mental performance. It reaches beyond coaching on the sidelines and includes how to perform optimally as the coach and leader. Topics covered in this concentration will build on sports performance-based knowledge and focus on the importance of positive coaching, leadership and communication to help your team, business or organization reach full potential.

EdD Positive Leadership and Administration Concentration
Positive leadership applies the principles of positive psychology to the challenges in competitive work and sport environments. This concentration is designed to help leaders and their organizations succeed through gaining understandings of human motivation and behavior (emphasizing strengths rather than limitations) to achieve extraordinary results.

EdD Individual Studies Concentration
This option is designed to help people complete all of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) coursework requirements and for those who are interested in multiple areas including coaching, positive leadership, athletic administration, wellness, counseling, and sports nutrition. This is also a good option for students who already have a master’s degree in counseling.

EdD SPP with Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization
This option is uniquely designed for students who are simultaneously seeking counseling licensure and advanced sport and performance psychology training to open the door to a wide array of career options.

Applied Sport Psychology Graduate Certificate
This program addresses each of the eight AASP coursework competency areas to prepare students to become experts in the field of sport psychology.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

A student may request up to 16 transfer credits of coursework successfully completed at another accredited university. Transfer credit requests are reviewed by the program director for applicability to the UWS program.

Qualified Exams

Coursework options offered within the program are consistent with the knowledge and skills assessed by the:

  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) toward the Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®)


Approved by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), the program’s comprehensive curriculum was specifically designed to help students complete the specialized coursework requirements to become Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC®). This structure allows our students to select coursework that meets their individual job and certification needs. Only the clinical mental health counseling specialization allows students to pursue clinical licensure.

*Note on licensure

It is the responsibility of the individual student to understand and comply with all state licensure requirements. UWS makes no representations or guarantee that completion of UWS coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain state licensure.


Sport and performance psychology professionals typically serve as leaders in sport, coaching, exercise and wellness disciplines. Graduates of the SPP program can seek careers including:

  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®)
  • Positive leadership administrator
  • Coach
  • Professor
  • Licensed professional counselor (pending completion of the CMHC specialization and licensure)
  • Athletic director
  • Sport program administrator

Learn more about gross annual income, work settings, credentials, field specialties, professional outlook and demographics in the 2020 Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Compensation Report for Mental Performance Work.