Textbooks and Course Resources

Select your program below to download the current textbook list. For information about options for acquiring textbooks, please see the textbook FAQs below. Any questions? Reach out to student success at [email protected].

Students are encouraged to check the library catalog for electronic versions of required and recommended textbooks before purchasing. The library carries a few copies all of the required and recommended textbooks in print and has been able to obtain electronic versions of many textbooks for all programs at UWS, saving students hundreds of dollars per term. To purchase books, please visit the UWS campus store. Note that many programs require specific professional resources in addition to course textbooks. These are included on the lists for each program, with additional information about where to purchase them if not available through the UWS campus store.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

 Click to download: CMHC textbook list

Doctor of Chiropractic

Click to download:  DC textbook list
Quarter 1 students will also need to purchase materials for a doc bag: Click here to download list.

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Click to download:  DCN textbook list

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Click to download:  NMD textbook list

Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Click to download:  HNFM textbook list 

Sport and Performance Psychology

Click to download:  SPP textbook list

Sports Medicine

Click to download:  sports medicine textbook list

Mental Health Foundations

Undergraduate Programs

Your instructor will provide you with textbook information. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.