UWS Campus and Clinics Will Reopen – Friday, September 18

The UWS campus and clinics will reopen Friday, September 18.

Please use the main entrance/exit when arriving at campus.

Welcome to University of Western States

Since 1904, University of Western States has been a nonprofit, regionally accredited, private university comprising a diverse student body and offering highly focused and renowned programs in the areas of chiropractic, functional medicine, nutrition, sports medicine, sport and performance psychology, clinical mental health counseling and diagnostic imaging.

We are known for our evidence-informed approach to whole-person care that combines research, strong academics and the inclusion of the practitioner’s knowledge and the patient’s or client’s personal experience in pursuing courses of treatment and evolving the way health care is administered. This is underscored by our network of clinics, in which professionals and interns serve the local community.

We are located in Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we offer our doctoral and master’s programs both on campus and online.

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