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We invite you to explore our alumni and friends offerings and learn more about ways to get involved.

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UWS Switchboard is a digital space to connect with the UWS community by asking for what you need and offering what you want to share.

Professional Resources

Alumni services is working hard to find excellent resources for you in your professional life. We welcome your suggestions for areas of focus where you need support, and feedback on the resources we link to.

Recommended resources:

  • NCMIC’s practice resources provide detailed information about business planning, financing and insurance. Other topics covered include office management and hiring tips, as well as best practices for marketing and networking.
  • ACA’s practice management resources include sample documentation and coding information (available to ACA members), as well as broader practice management information available to all.
  • Practice Academy is designed to teach health care practitioners how to ethically and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses. Articles provide tips and techniques for building a successful online presence. Recommended reading – “Building a Digital Presence: Simplified
  • Wellpdx is an online directory of chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists practicing in the Portland area.
  • Holistic Entrepreneur Association is an online resource and community designed to provide health and wellness practitioners with resources and tools to build successful practices.

Alumni Benefits

We’re developing new resources and adding benefits. Have requests or suggestions to share? Contact us!

Campus Directory

Find contact information for current UWS staff and faculty, as well as the Board of Trustees in our directory.

Get Involved

Refer a Student

The UWS Student Referral Recognition Program celebrates the important contribution of people who refer students to enroll in any graduate-level degree or certificate program with annual membership in the President’s Society.

What is the process for ensuring my referral is recognized?

Your referral is eligible for recognition when all three of the following steps are complete:

  1. The prospective student lists you (the referrer) on their application to UWS.
  2. You complete the online referral form. You can refer one or more students at a time.
  3. The student enrolls in their graduate-level degree or certificate program.

Both the student and referrer receive benefits beginning in the student’s first term at UWS.

Why is this process necessary to receive recognition?

Having the student name you (the referrer), followed up with your submission of the referral form, helps us be certain that we are honoring and recognizing the person who inspired a new student to pursue their educational path at UWS. The referral form also helps us gather contact information to ensure you receive the full range of benefits.

Who is eligible to be recognized for referring a student?

Alumni, friends of the university, board members, current students and most employees can be recognized for referring a student to UWS.

Employees whose primary work duties include recruiting new students (such as program directors, admissions officers and other employees who complete paid travel on behalf of the admissions office) are not eligible to be recognized through this program.

What UWS programs are eligible for student referral recognition?

Referrals to all graduate-level degree or certificate programs offered at UWS are eligible for recognition. Referrals to undergraduate-level programs or pre-professional coursework do not qualify.

What are the benefits to referrers?

Referrers receive annual membership in the President’s Society, our recognition program for major donors ($1,000 per year to any UWS fund) and student referrers. President’s Society benefits include:

  • Your name engraved on a leaf and permanently added to the donor recognition tree in Hampton Hall.
  • A subscription to The Insider, an exclusive quarterly e-newsletter from President Joseph Brimhall.
  • President’s Society lapel pin and nametag recognition at all UWS events.

What are the benefits to students?

Students’ $50 application fee is refunded to their student account as a thank you for participating in the UWS student referral program. The office of alumni relations sends an email to students after they begin their first term to share information about their application fee refund and welcome them to UWS.

What happens if the student defers enrollment?

Referrer recognition begins during the term the referred student enrolls at UWS. If the student defers, the referrer recognition and student benefits start at the time the student begins their coursework. You do not need to submit a second referral form for a student who defers.

I referred students to UWS several years ago. Can I still be recognized?

This recognition program began with the entering class of fall 2015. Student referrals that occurred before fall 2015 may not be eligible for retroactive recognition. Prior referrals were individually acknowledged by admissions staff at the time the student applied or enrolled.

We hope you will consider referring another student so that we may celebrate your support in this program.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Student Referral Recognition Program?

Please email the alumni relations team at [email protected] if you have questions about the program or the status of your referral.

Mentoring and Shadowing

What is the UWS Mentor Network?
The UWS Mentor Network is a program for students and alumni to receive support as they face various points and transitions in their education and professional careers. Incoming students of all programs are encouraged to sign-up as protégés. Current students are welcome to sign-up as protégés, ambassadors and mentors. Alumni can offer their expertise to current students, serve as ambassadors to prospective students, or get connected with alumni mentors of their own. Join the UWS Mentor Network today!

Shadowing Opportunities
Shadowing provides current and prospective students a space for varied in-person clinical observation. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to observe different types of practitioners and practice models in action, and is usually of brief duration – a few hours to a few days.

Interested students, as well as alumni and friends open to students shadowing can email [email protected]. Students should include their preferred location and type of practice or clinical focus they’re interested in. Alumni and friends can include their clinic information and preferred contact method.

Preceptor Program

What is the preceptorship?
The preceptorship is an opportunity for 12th quarter interns in the Doctor of Chiropractic program to complete their education in the office of an experienced, licensed, approved chiropractor in private practice. Preceptorships are designed to expand the opportunities for individualized learning and professional growth by interns prior to graduation. The preceptor is the clinical teacher, role model and mentor contributing to the final component of the intern’s clinical education and training.

How do I participate as a UWS preceptor doctor?
Doctors interested in applying to be preceptors for the university can visit our preceptor page for more information or express their interest via email to [email protected]. A representative from the preceptor program will respond to inquiries and will review the eligibility requirements, describe the application process and prepare an application packet for completion. Application packets are sent directly to the preceptor doctor through email.

How often will I have an intern placed in my practice?
Hosting an intern in a preceptorship is not an automatic or continual process.  Doctors approved as eligible preceptors are identified as such. Interns select their preceptorship location and are placed with the approved preceptor. Preceptorships are normally 10 weeks in length.

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