Alumni and Friends Student Referral Recognition Program

Below you will find information on participating in our student referral recognition program and the form that is required of referrers. Please note that by submitting this form you are opting in to receive invitations and other correspondence by email and post so that we can recognize your generous gift to the university. To learn more about the student referral program, please visit our Alumni and Friends page.

What UWS needs from participants:

  1. The prospective student must indicate you as their referrer on their application to UWS.
  2. The referrer must submit a referral form on behalf of that same student (and one form for each student they refer).
  3. The student must successfully enroll in their program. Both parties are recognized during the student’s term of entry.

These three actions must all happen before the student referral process is complete and the referrer and student are recognized.

What participants can expect from UWS:

Recognition will be completed during the term a referred student enrolls.


  • Will receive a thank you letter detailing their recognition benefits.
  • Will be inducted into the President’s Society
  • Will be recognized in the donor roll call (online and in publications) for four quarters following the entering term of each student they refer.
  • Will be named on an engraved on a leaf on the recognition tree in Hampton Hall, with leaf color reflecting the number of students they have referred to our programs.
    • Bronze = one student; Silver = two-five; Gold = six or more


  • Will receive a thank you email with information about their recognition gift and how their referrer will be recognized.
  • Will receive a $50 application refund after they enroll.