Preceptor Program

The University of Western States (UWS) preceptor program is intended to enhance the clinical training of chiropractic interns who meet applicable eligibility requirements to continue their training in an approved, private chiropractic practice. Interns engage in a wide range of practice activities under the mentorship of a field-based chiropractic physician to gain valuable real world experience and insights relative to chiropractic practice. The program is intended to enhance the learning and knowledge of the chiropractic intern, supplementing what is provided in the academic and clinical experience of the doctor of chiropractic curriculum. This component of the UWS curriculum is designed and implemented to support the mission, goals and objectives of UWS; to provide a mechanism to further assure competency in the cognitive and psychomotor domains of chiropractic interns; and to better prepare students for the transition from the rigors of academic life to those of a private practitioner.

Preceptor Program Manual

The Preceptor Program Manual contains helpful information for preceptors, including:

  • purpose and objectives of the program
  • how to prepare your practice for an intern
  • effective teaching
  • definitions and organization
  • preceptor requirements and responsibilities
  • intern participation requirements, guidelines and responsibilities
  • and more

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How to become a UWS Preceptor

  1. Submit a completed UWS preceptor application and supporting documents to the preceptor program administration.
  2. Hold a current license in good standing to practice chiropractic in the state in which the prospective preceptor is located.
  3. Have at least five (5) years full-time active experience in the practice of chiropractic as a licensee of the state in which you are currently practicing. In situations where the doctor has been licensed and practiced in two or more states for at least five (5) years total, but has not practiced in the current state for five (5) years, the prospective preceptor must submit the licenses from all other states.
  4. Have no conviction of any felony. Have no current (open) board sanctions from any state or province. A history of  disciplinary action, pleas of no contest or convictions to any offense related to the practice of chiropractic will be reviewed but do not necessarily preclude a doctor from consideration. The nature of the offense, action taken and time since the incident(s) occurred will be considered. Doctors are encouraged to contact us to discuss any previous actions.
  5. Maintain professional liability insurance. Coverage shall be in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per case/$3,000,000 aggregate loss. Please note that some states and provinces may require higher limits.
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Preceptor Coordinator
University of Western States
8000 NE Tillamook St
Portland, OR 97213
Direct Dial: 503-251-2823
Fax: 503-251-2837
Office of Clinics: 503-847-2564
Email: [email protected]

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Preceptor Responsibilities

  1. The preceptor shall be responsible for, and provide direct supervision of, all chiropractic services rendered by the intern. The preceptor will be physically present in the same office or facility as the intern when the intern is treating or providing any service to any patient.
  2. The preceptor will assign only those patient services that can be safely and effectively performed by the intern as allowed by state, provincial and/or federal law.
  3. The preceptor and the preceptor’s staff will ensure the intern is clearly identified to patients as an “intern” and will never refer to the intern as “doctor”.
  4. The preceptor will ensure that s/he is familiar with, and in compliance with, all applicable federal and state statutes and regulations relating to health care practices of chiropractic interns, and that the intern practices in accordance with same.
  5. The preceptor will submit periodic documents including the Weekly Timesheet and Activity Log and the quarterly Mentor Feedback Evaluation to the preceptor program administration.
  6. No individual preceptor may supervise more than one (1) intern (regardless of college) at any given time unless approved by the ADCI.
  7. The presence of a UWS intern is for the education of the intern and not for the general promotion of the preceptor’s practice or for the preceptor’s financial gain.
  8. Preceptors shall maintain, while actively participating in the program, a professional liability insurance policy. Coverage shall be in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per case/$3,000,000 aggregate loss.
  9. Preceptors will, upon request, submit current copies of their state license, professional liability insurance and claims history, and x-ray operator/supervisor permit.