DC Program Milestones

Wondering what to expect during your time as a student the DC program at UWS? View the DC Program Milestones page to understand what to anticipate each quarter.

Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards

*UWS encourages practitioners to be aware of their state rules and regulations regarding continuing education. Any specific questions should be addressed to your state board.

Continuing Education

UWS continuing education opportunities: Postgraduate and professional education for health care providers and paraprofessionals offered in-person and online.

Chiropractic Postings

For professional opportunities, mentorship, advice, housing and goods, we hope you will consider creating an account and posting a personal ‘ask’ or ‘offer’ on UWS Switchboard. UWS Switchboard is free from spammers, advertisers and large-scale brokers.

NCMIC (professional liability insurance)