inTouch Magazine

University of Western States is pleased to announce the most recent edition of the inTouch alumni and friends magazine! This magazine contains university news, student and employee highlights, as well as recent, notable UWS publications and presentations.

Click “fullscreen” to enlarge.  Download PDF here.

UWS is Taking the Lead with the latest edition of the inTouch magazine!

This edition of the inTouch includes:

  • News about the UWS affiliation with the TCS Education System.
  • Highlighting UWS chiropractic interns work with the U.S. military.
  • A final call to attend the 12th annual Summer in December Continuing Education program. 
  • Feature of various opportunities students across all UWS academic programs who have recently had to directly apply classroom knowledge to care for patients and clients.
  • A call to join the UWS Cornerstone Society and Alumni Finder Map.
  • Announcement of the 2022 UWS Alumni Recognition Award recipient.

…and much more!



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