Admitted Student Information

Congratulations on your admission to University of Western States! The student affairs team can begin working with you after you receive your UWS email address and account credentials, which will be provided to you starting about seven weeks before your first term at UWS. Until then, please feel free to explore the resources below.  

Information is updated frequently! Please check back regularly for the most up to date information or use the Student Navigator if you have questions that aren’t answered below.  

Have other questions about getting started at UWS? Contact a student ambassador.


As you prepare to start your first term at UWS, please note the expected timeline for these important milestones! A similar timeline and checklist is also available in the Welcome Guides below 

  • UWS account credentials emailed: Beginning seven (7) weeks prior to the term start date for students who have been admitted and satisfied the tuition deposit. This important email will be sent to your personal email address with the subject line, “Set up your UWS accounts.” Your account information unlocks access to other UWS systems you will use as a student, so please set up your account as soon as you receive this email. 
  • Onboarding information emailed: approximately one (1) day after UWS account credentials are received. Once onboarding begins, one email per day will be sent your UWS email address. Onboarding emails will include information about your academic program and services to support you as a student, as well as business information about things like registration, deadlines, paying your tuition and financial aid.  
  • Course registration opens (for online students): After UWS account credentials and registration-specific information have been sent. 
  • Tuition charges posted: Approximately once per week, on Wednesday after you have registered for class. 
  • Required new student documents sent: Approximately one (1) month prior to the start of the term. 

Welcome Guides and Student Navigator

These resources will help you get started at UWS. 

Student Navigator: Links to other UWS departments and information.  

new student welcome guide - doctor of chiropractic    new student welcome guide - online programs    naturopathic-welcome-guide

Student Affairs

The student affairs team consists of the office of student success and the office of student engagement and events. The office of student success provides student advising, facilitates peer tutoring, and coordinates accessibility services for students with disabilities. Your student success advisor will play a key role in your experience at UWS, helping you navigate your academic requirements, answering your questions and referring you to additional resources as needed.  

The office of student engagement and events supports the overall wellbeing of students by coordinating student government, student club activities and student-focused events such as commencement, the intern white coat ceremony and DC/NMD welcome day.  

  • Student Affairs: Learn more about the student affairs team and how we can support you. 
  • Accessibility Services: The student success team can help facilitate academic accommodations for qualifying students. Find information about the accommodations process and required documentation.  
  • Student Advising: Learn how the student success advisors can support you and find who your advisor will be. Note that your advisor can start working with you once you receive your UWS email address and account credentials. 
  • Get Involved: Find information about student clubs and engagement opportunities at UWS.  

Welcome Day and Orientation Information

Each program at UWS will hold an orientation or Welcome Day event near the start of the term.  

College of Graduate Studies program orientations: Each program in the college of graduate studies will hold virtual, program-specific orientations within the first two weeks of the term. You will receive an email with specific information about your program orientation.  

Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Welcome Day: Held the Friday before your first term begins, the Welcome Day will feature opportunities to connect with your new classmates, a campus tour, and information about services, safety and culture at UWS. You will also pick up your student ID badge during Welcome Day. 

Information for On-Campus Students

For Doctor of Chiropractic students, the Human Morphology lab courses will be held at the Anatomy Lab on the Linfield University Portland campus, located at 2900 NE 132nd Ave, Portland, OR 97230. Human Morphology lab sections will be scheduled so that you have plenty to time to travel between the lab and the UWS campus. You can view a map of the parking areas for UWS students at Linfield here.   

Oregon Vaccination Requirements for On-Campus Students

UWS complies with Oregon state requirements for collecting vaccination information for on-campus students, including students who participate in clinical care. The State of Oregon requires that UWS collect the following vaccination information:

  • Measles vaccination or exception for all full-time, on-campus students.

You will be required to submit your vaccination/exception information when you complete your required orientation documents approximately one month prior to your first term.

Policy 9010 Vaccination Requirements for Full-Time On-Campus Students and the related process document outline the measles vaccination requirements, including information about how to request an exception. You can also find additional information about non-medical measles vaccine exceptions on the Oregon Health Authority webpage.

Registration and Course Information

Students in the college of graduate studies online programs are responsible for self-registering for courses every term. Course registration will be available after you receive your UWS account credentials and subsequent registration information.  Explore the courses, program requirements and curriculum sequence for your program using the available program planners and academic catalog. Doctor of Chiropractic students will be enrolled in classes by the registrar’s office, approximately one month before the term begins.

  • Course Registration page:  Find your program planner, which lists the courses for your program and recommended order, along with other registration information. 
  • Academic catalog: Find course descriptions, program requirements, curriculum information and more.  

Student Experience

Learn about student life at UWS, or connect with current and former students! 

Textbooks and Supplies

Textbooks are required for nearly every UWS course, and the textbook lists are updated every year prior to fall term. You’re encouraged to purchase textbooks early, especially international students to account for shipping times.  

Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine students are also required to purchase supplies for their doctor’s bag in their first term at UWS. Students receiving U.S. federal financial aid will receive additional funding in their first term to cover the costs of the doctor’s bag supplies.  

Textbooks and Course Resources: Find the lists of required and recommended textbooks and materials  

Technology and Support

Review the technology and device requirements at UWS to be sure you’re prepared to start your program.