Parking and Transportation

Welcome to the parking and transportation department at University of Western States! 

The office of parking and transportation is dedicated to managing our shared resource and providing alternatives to access the University of Western States campus. UWS encourages those that can do so to walk, bike or use public transportation to travel to and from our campus.

Under a Conditional Use Master Plan Agreement with the City of Portland, University of Western States is required to monitor and enforce parking rules and regulations including the charging of a separate parking permit fee and monitoring of the surrounding residential area.

Parking Enforcement Hours
Hours for monitoring parking permits in parking areas are from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Unmarked parking areas are also open during the breaks between each quarter, the first week of each quarter and final exam weeks. Parking will be enforced at all hours for unsafe driving or parking in an unauthorized space such as those designated for patient or staff parking. Tickets may be issued at any time for these violations.

The office of parking and transportation can be found in the UWS campus store. For questions or concerns, visit a campus store employee or email [email protected]

Need directions to campus? Find the campus map and multi-modal transportation information here.



Where to Park

Visitors: Parking spaces for short-term, infrequent use are reserved for visitors who are not required to have a UWS issued permit. Visitor spaces are marked accordingly and are located at the front of the building.

Students: Park in unmarked surface lot spaces only. A current UWS permit is required to be displayed in the vehicle. Students may not park in spaces marked Faculty/Staff, Reserved, Visitor, Loading or use Patient Parking at any time. Violation may result in a ticket.

Student Garage Parking: Limited upgraded garage parking permits are available to students each quarter. Garage permits are required for students to parking in unmarked spaces within the garage.

Employees: Park in unmarked spaces either in the garage or surface lot. A current UWS Employee parking permit is required to be displayed in the vehicle. Reserved spaces require a special permit. Employees may not park in Visitor, Loading or use Clinic Parking at any time. Violation may result in a ticket.

Carpools: Two or more registered commuters may receive a special carpool permit. To park in a designated carpool space, there must be two or more registered commuters traveling together at the same time and the vehicle must also have a current UWS Carpool permit displayed in the vehicle. Carpool parking is enforced all hours. Violations may result in a ticket.

Bike: Bike racks are available to the south of the main entrance as well as inside the parking garage.

Campus Health Center Parking: Clinic parking spaces are only for those individuals receiving care at Connected Whole Health who are not otherwise required to have a UWS parking permit. Given the limited number of clinic parking spaces, on-campus UWS students and employees should park in their designated areas to allow room for those patients that do not have another place on campus to park. Violations may result in a ticket.

Bus Passes and Tickets

TriMet is the local public transportation that runs both the TriMet bus system and the MAX trains. See to plan your route, get directions, learn how to validate your ticket and ride, find bus and MAX schedules and sign up for service alerts. TriMet offers a Transit Tracker, where the next arrival at a given stop can be identified, if the Stop ID is known. TriMet also offers a mobile app which includes route information and the ability to pay fares using a mobile device.

Monthly Passes: Students and employees may be eligible for reduced rate TriMet monthly passes. Students and staff that fill out the parking declaration and declare they are only using public transportation to commute to school will be eligible to purchase a reduced rate unlimited monthly TriMet HOP card.

Bus Tickets: Occasional bus tickets may be provided to students and employees for UWS-related commuting only. Students and employees may purchase discounted 2.5 hour unlimited bus tickets at the UWS campus store.

UWS Campus Parking Rules and Regulations

UWS Policy 1025 – Parking and Transportation

Registration and Payment: All students and employees must register how they plan to commute to and from the campus. This includes those who individually drive, walk, bike, bus, carpool or are dropped off.

  • Employees complete a commute declaration during the new hire on-boarding process. Information will be kept and assumed valid until a change in commute status is communicated to the parking department. Parking fees are deducted from payroll monthly.
  • Students must complete a Student Commute Declaration for each term they are registered for courses on campus. The quarterly term permit fee is automatically charged to all on-campus students. Refunds of the parking permit fee may be issued to those students completing the commute declaration by the end of the first week of the term in which an alternative method of transportation to campus is declared. Commute declarations submitted after the first week of the term may forfeit their permit refund.

Change in Commute Status: Employees and students must inform the office of parking and transportation of any changes in your commute status.

Permit Placement: The parking permit or daily pass must hang from the rear-view mirror with the permit number facing out of the vehicle’s front windshield. The vehicle may be ticketed if the permit is not visible.

Replacement Permits: Replacements for lost/damaged permits are available at the front desk.

Temporary/Daily Parking Passes: Daily parking passes are available for purchase in the campus store, limited to nine per person per request. NOTE: The date of use must be written legibly on the daily pass with a black marker to avoid receiving a ticket.

Accessible Parking: UWS has spaces reserved for accessible parking for those vehicles with a valid placard issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicles agency. For temporary disabilities, a temporary designated parking pass may be requested from the office of student affairs.

Additional Rules and Regulations

  • Parking is NOT allowed on the neighborhood streets. Non-compliance may result in a ticket. Please help our university to be a good neighbor to the surrounding residents by respecting the rights of those living near our campus.
  • Pets are not allowed on campus with the exception of service animals in accordance with state and federal law. Fines and other sanctions may be levied against those who bring animals on campus (this includes leaving pets in cars parked on campus).
  • Vehicles may not be left on campus overnight. The campus closes at 7:30 p.m. and reopens at 6:30 a.m. All vehicles must be removed from the campus parking lot between these hours.

University of Western States is not responsible for damages caused to vehicles and bicycles that are parked or being operated on campus, nor is it responsible for the theft of vehicles and bicycles or of their contents. We recommend that personal property of value is not left in your parked vehicle.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be issued for any violations of our parking and transportation rules and regulations. Below are the most common violations.

$50 Fine

  • Parking on the street
  • Parking in a handicapped-marked space
  • Speeding or reckless driving

$25 Fine

  • No valid permit
  • Parking in a prohibited area (staff, clinic, visitor, loading, etc)
  • Concealed permit
  • Altered date or permit
  • Improperly parked
  • Overnight parking

Tickets and Appeals:

  • Parking tickets may be paid for in the UWS campus store
  • A ticket may be appealed by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Any outstanding student parking tickets at the end of each term will be charged to the student’s account. Any outstanding employee parking tickets will be referred to the office of human resources.

University of Western States reserves the right to ticket, tow, or boot vehicles parked on university property in violation of parking policy. All citations and expenses related to violations including towing or booting of vehicles will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.