Preceptor Program Application

Your participation in the University of Western States preceptorship program is greatly appreciated. This program is intended to enhance the clinical training of chiropractic interns in their 12th and final quarter who have met applicable eligibility requirements and wish to continue their training in an approved, private chiropractic practice. The objective of the preceptor program is to provide intern engagement in a wide range of practice activities under the mentorship of a field-based chiropractic physician to gain valuable real-world experience and insight relative to chiropractic practice.

This component of the UWS curriculum is designed and implemented to support the mission, goals, and objectives of UWS; to provide a mechanism to further assure competency in the cognitive and psychomotor domains of chiropractic interns; and to better prepare students for the transition from the rigors of academic life to those of a private practitioner.

Preceptor students are required to complete 27-30 weekly contract hours for up to 11 weeks in patient care. By agreeing to participate in this program, you are also agreeing to provide 27-30 hours per week of patient care for the UWS intern.

Have at least five (5) years full time active experience in the practice of chiropractic as a licensee of the state in which he/she is currently practicing. For special circumstances, a Doctor of Chiropractic may apply if holding less than 5 years fully licensed; if it meets the state requirements.  

Please carefully review the required information on the preceptor application. All items and documents must be submitted with the preceptor application below.

  • Copy of current chiropractic license
  • Current curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of current declaration of malpractice insurance
  • Claims history authorization
  • Copy of current x-ray supervisor and operator license (if applicable)