Take the Lead with University of Western States

University of Western States offers a world-class, integrated health care education and provides an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness. Our graduates deliver high-quality health care based on science, the professional’s skill and knowledge, and the preferences and experiences of the patient or client.

The university is in the forefront of an emerging, whole-person philosophy of health care. As a leader in health sciences education since 1904, University of Western States provides integrated, evidence-informed curricula grounded in our dedication to current research and practices. The commitment spans across all of our graduate and professional programs: chiropractic, human nutrition and functional medicine, clinical mental health counseling, sport and performance psychology and sports medicine. 


  • UWS is Taking the Lead with the relocation to a new campus space less than three miles from our previous campus. The new space, located at 8000 NE Tillamook St. in Portland, Oregon, will ensure sustainability for years to come and include a 21st century technology infrastructure that helps support our growing online student population as well as our on-campus students.
  • UWS continues to Take the Lead by recruiting a diverse student population from across the U.S. and the world, who are committed to provide an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness.



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Student Blog: Mental Health Providers on the Front Lines of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all. Through stay-at-home orders, lack of sporting events and opportunities to participate, modifications in workload and work location, to becoming parent-teachers, or social interaction via technology only, we’ve all been asked to adjust to a new “normal.” Read more.

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Library Earns High Accolade

The Online Computer Library Center, formally known as OCLC, ranked the University of Western States Library 14th out of 7,500 libraries in their 2019 Annual Report as having the quickest interlibrary loan (ILL) turn-around time with an incredible 83% fulfillment. Read more.

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Investment in Equity 

UWS partnered with Portland’s Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI). This consulting agency focuses their efforts on long-term and sustainable organizational change; guiding organizations through a process to create a more inclusive and equitable work environment. Read more.

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UWS Introduces New Core Values

University of Western States (UWS) launched an initiative to better define its core values as a forward-thinking health science university, guided by our motto, “for the good of the patient.”

Core values are fundamental concepts that support the UWS mission and goals, shape the campus culture and exemplify the university’s brand and identity. Read more.


World-class health care exists because of world-class practitioners.

Health care and medicine extend beyond science. They’re exercises in empathy and excellence provided through rigorous evidence-informed curricula aimed at producing quality health care providers that deliver whole-person, patient-centered care.

Today’s integrated health systems are as complex as they are nuanced. Because of that challenge, we make certain our students never lose sight of why they came to us: to realize the transformative power of education that enriches their lives and improves the lives of their patients.

We are University of Western States. And we are leading the evolution of health care education. One graduate at a time. One patient at a time.

And there’s no counting the ways our graduates will Take the Lead.