Take the Lead with University of Western States

University of Western States offers a world-class, integrated health care education and provides an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness. Our graduates deliver high-quality health care based on science, the professional’s skill and knowledge, and the preferences and experiences of the patient or client.

The university is in the forefront of an emerging, whole-person philosophy of health care. As a leader in health sciences education since 1904, University of Western States provides integrated, evidence-informed curricula grounded in our dedication to current research and practices. The commitment spans across all of our graduate and professional programs: chiropractic, human nutrition and functional medicine, diagnostic imaging, clinical mental health counseling, sport and performance psychology and sports medicine. 


  • Entering our 115th year, UWS is Taking the Lead with the relocation to a our new campus space less than three miles from our previous campus. The new space, located at 8000 NE Tillamook St in Portland, Oregon, will ensure sustainability for years to come and include a 21st century technology infrastructure that helps support our growing online student population as well as our on-campus students.
  • UWS continues to Take the Lead by recruiting a diverse student population from across the U.S. and the world, who are committed to provide an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness.



SABCAFirst-Ever Pacific Northwest SABCA Chapter

In spring 2018, six UWS students founded the first-ever Pacific Northwest chapter of the Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA).

By becoming a recognized chapter, UWS students become eligible to apply for and receive American Black Chiropractic (ABCA) scholarships and can recommend that ABCA conferences be held in the region.

Find out how SABCA Takes the Lead both through their efforts on campus and nationally. Read more

sports medSports Med Students Aid Community

Hands-on training is an emphasis of the sports medicine program at UWS. Students work with local sports teams and athletes, some who would otherwise not have access to such high-quality sports medicine care. The UWS faculty and students are often the first medical professionals that their patients see for their injuries and other sports-related medical conditions.

Find out how UWS sports medicine students Take the Lead training on location for their practicum experience at local high schools. Read more


Students First

UWS Employees Give Back to Students

When UWS employees support what they love most about UWS with tax-deductible gifts, they are going that extra mile, helping UWS devote more resources to putting students first in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Find out how UWS employees Take the Lead by donating to the UWS employee giving recognition program, Students First. Read more


ENGAGE students


UWS Students Lobby in Washington D.C.

Many UWS chiropractic students are about of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA). Each year, members travel to Washington D.C. to lobby for chiropractic rights on Capitol Hill. Read more 



World-class health care exists because of world-class practitioners.

Health care and medicine extend beyond science. They’re exercises in empathy and excellence provided through rigorous evidence-informed curricula aimed at producing quality health care providers that deliver whole-person, patient-centered care.

Today’s integrated health systems are as complex as they are nuanced. Because of that challenge, we make certain our students never lose sight of why they came to us: to realize the transformative power of education that enriches their lives and improves the lives of their patients.

We are University of Western States. And we are leading the evolution of health care education. One graduate at a time. One patient at a time.

And there’s no counting the ways our graduates will Take the Lead.