Online Learning

The Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program is flexible and 100 percent online. No on-site visits to Portland are required, although online students are welcome to visit.

For some, learning in an online environment is a new experience. At UWS, we strive to make that experience community-driven and free of unnecessary stress. Interactive discussion forums allow students with a diverse array of educational and professional backgrounds to learn from each other, as well as from assigned readings and lectures. In addition, our weekly modular schedule means that students can log on at the times most convenient for them, rather than being required to bend their work and family schedules to meet at a predetermined hour.

What is the Online Learning Experience like at UWS?

Skill Development
Classes are conducted in an interactive and dynamic manner, encouraging a high level of interaction with the material presented. It is not a purely “rote-memorization” nor dogmatic style of learning, but rather one that encourages the development of critical and clinical thinking skills.

Instructors moderate conversations in class forums that derive from weekly required postings. Much of the discussion will center on current research articles from PubMed and other online databases that students gain access to once enrolled. For individual time with an instructor, it is also possible to set up Skype calls when email is not sufficient.

Any-time Lecture Access
The program is global! We have instructors from as far away as Australia and students in countries like Zambia and Taiwan. Because of the varied time zones, all class lectures (including those that are live-streamed), as well as special events like expert guest lectures, are always recorded so that students may access them at a time that is most convenient to their schedule.

To maintain degree integrity, key exams will be proctored by a third-party service called ProctorU to ensure that students are taking exams unassisted.

jenniferlyn kryvicky

This is my second graduate-level distance program and I really appreciate how connected I feel in my classes and to my cohort. I have made some great friends in this program and feel that there is always a line of communication open with my professors and my classmates. The online discussions are very informative and the lecture formats make me feel like I am in class along with everyone else.

– Jenniferlyn Kryvicky

My experience with the online environment was so much better than I anticipated. I feared a lack of connection with my professors and my classmates but I was very wrong. The online system is extremely user-friendly and help is always a click away. I’ve grown with my classmates and I love learning alongside people from a variety of backgrounds.

– Tracey Giambertone, RD