Online Learning

For some, learning in an online environment is a new experience. At UWS, we strive to make that experience community-driven and free of unnecessary stress. Interactive online discussion forums allow students with a diverse array of educational and professional backgrounds to learn from each other, as well as from assigned readings, lectures and occasional video assignments. Students can log in and view lectures at the times most convenient for them, rather than being required to bend their work and family schedules to meet at a predetermined hour. For busy professionals, the UWS learning environment is the way to go!

Online Learning

The Online Learning Experience at UWS

Interaction and Teaching Style

UWS online classes are conducted in a collaborative and dynamic manner, encouraging a high level of interaction with the material presented. The style of online learning at UWS encourages the development of critical and clinical thinking skills. Instructors moderate conversations in class forums and encourage discussions on current research articles that students gain access to once enrolled in the program. If students need individual time with an instructor, video calls can be scheduled and are encouraged. Community hubs within the online platform are used to get to know the instructors and fellow classmates, as well as learn about important program information and updates. Students can also track their progress and see their grades in real-time whenever they log in to view their online gradebook and receive ample feedback from instructors.  

Online Environment

UWS online courses are created with universal design and accessibility principles in mind, making them user-friendly and easy to navigate. The university is always improving the online environment and implementing best practices in order to serve students better. Dedicated instructional designers at the UWS center for teaching and learning regularly work with and train faculty and program directors to improve courses and the student learning experience. All online students have the opportunity to use UWS-approved collaboration tools such as shared documents, Zoom and Microsoft TEAMS, and key exams are often taken via third-party proctoring service.

Flexibility and Accessibility

UWS online programs are global! We have instructors and students living all over the world. Because of the varied time zones, all class lectures (including those that are live-streamed), as well as special events such as expert guest lectures, are always recorded so that students may access them at a time that is most convenient to their schedule. Recorded lectures can be viewed via Panopto, a tool designed specifically for student learning. With Panopto, not only can students watch recordings on their own time, but they can search for key words, speed up or slow down the videos and download mp4 audio files for on-the-go listening!

tracey giambertone

“My experience with the online environment was so much better than I anticipated. I feared a lack of connection with my professors and my classmates but I was very wrong. The online system is extremely user-friendly and help was always a click away. I’ve grew with my classmates and I loved learning alongside people from a variety of backgrounds.”

— Tracey Giambertone, RD, HNFM alumna

Niti Shah head shot

“I would summarize the online education at UWS as a true 21st-century experience. I absolutely loved it and cannot imagine otherwise. Flexibility to learn on my own time when I am in the learning mindset with pre-recorded lectures and the ability to pause the lectures and soak in the wealth of information and take notes is a big plus. The online learning environment has made it possible for me to learn from the best instructors around the globe and not be restricted by geographical location.”

— Niti Shah, HNFM alumna

jenniferlynn kryvicky

“This was my second graduate-level distance program and I really appreciated how connected I felt in my classes and to my cohort. I made some great friends through the program and felt that there was always a line of communication open with my professors and my classmates. The online discussions were very informative and the lecture formats make me feel like I was in class along with everyone else.”

— Jenniferlyn Kryvicky, HNFM alumna