WellConnect Student Assistance Program

You don’t have to handle everything on your own.

University of Western States values your whole-person health and wellness and understands that life challenges may impact your ability to succeed academically. As a UWS student, you and your household members have access to the WellConnect student assistance program!

This free and confidential service, available to all UWS students (both on campus and online) through WellConnect, provides you or anyone in your household referrals and support for:

  • Counseling (in-person, phone, video and text)
  • Life skills 
  • Financial and legal consultation
  • And much more!

Visit WellConnectForYou.com (code: UWS) or call 866‑640‑4777 to learn more about how WellConnect can help you stress less, balance school, work and life, improve relationships, reduce debt, live healthier, and more. 

Students are encouraged to call the toll-free number to speak to one of WellConnect’s student life specialists (master’s level counselors) who will listen to your situation and provide referrals for services that best fit your needs.

How counseling works through WellConnect

  • Students receive five (5) counseling sessions, per each different situation, per calendar year.
  • Connect with a counselor by:
    • Calling WellConnect’s student support line (866‑640‑4777) to speak with one of WellConnect’s student life specialists who will listen to your situation and provide referrals for services that best fit your needs.
    • Accessing online counseling directly through WellConnect’s website (note, WellConnect uses the BetterHelp platform for online counseling services, but you need to access through WellConnect site).
  • Counseling is available in multiple formats including: live telephone calls, scheduled live video chats, real-time texting, asynchronous and in-person (where available). 

What counts as a counseling session

  • An asynchronous messaging exchange over seven (7) consecutive days with a therapist (anything under 500 words would not be considered a session). 
  • One scheduled live telephone call with a therapist. 
  • One scheduled live video chat with a therapist.
  • One scheduled live real-time chat with a therapist.

If you have any questions or trouble accessing WellConnect’s services, contact the UWS student success team at [email protected] or 503-251-2802.

Watch this WellConnect orientation video to learn more about the services you have access to.