Papercut – Printing and Copying at UWS

PaperCut printing logo

In our continuing effort to go green and promote sustainability, UWS has implemented a print tracking system called PaperCut. The system provides secure release of printed materials and tracks usage on the printers in order to eliminate wasteful printing.


Students will be allotted 100 free prints and/or copies per term with the UWS printing card. Items will not print until you go to the machine and accept the print. This will eliminate accidental, multiple or forgotten print jobs.

If you deplete your 100 available prints, you may purchase a refill card in $5 for 50 print increments in the library or bookstore.

Student course notes may be purchased in the bookstore at a discounted rate of $.04 per page.

Video tutorial about how to print using PaperCut.

Still have questions? See the FAQ section below or ask the library.