Student Event Request Form

Non-Student Event Request Instructions

This form is for student events/activities only. If you are a faculty or staff member, please consult with your division supervisor for reservations. If you are a faculty or staff member needing academic reservations, please complete this academic request form.

If you are a community member wanting to reserve space at UWS, please visit our rental agreements webpage.

Timeline for Requests

      • Student Room/Event/Guest Speaker Request three (3) weeks prior to event date
      • Budget Request four (4) weeks prior to supplies needed
      • Submissions submitted outside of the timeline will not be reviewed

Student Event Request Instructions

Step 1: Check with your club advisor for their availability and input for your proposed event or meeting schedule. Club advisors or appropriately licensed replacements are required to attend all student meetings and events.

Step 2: Contact the student engagement office with any questions about how to plan out an event.

Step 3: Submit the student event request form. Make sure you are allowing enough time to meet the time lines.  Not following the above steps may delay your event approval or prevent approval.

  • You will receive an automatic response to your request. Please note, this is just a confirmation of receiving the request and is not a guarantee of space or funding. If you have questions or need to make updates to your request, please contact [email protected].
  • On-campus events will not be finalized until a room is confirmed. There are some use restrictions for certain rooms, so you are not guaranteed the room you request.

Budget Requests

Requests for budget funding requires four (4) weeks. Please make sure you are planning accordingly.

Step 1: Submit a budget request form

  • You will be asked to provide details about what is requested, where it will be purchased from and where items will be stored.

Step 2: ASB will review the request. Please note ASB meets every other week, starting the 2nd week of the quarter.

Step 3: ASB will be in contact with the requestor for any additional questions or information needed to review the request. ASB funding is determined by ASB priorities and funding is not guaranteed.

Examples of allowable expenses:

    1. Supplies for approved events
    2. Give-aways to help with club membership. Meetings must be advertised in advance to provide any giveaways.
    3. Food for an event (not associated with a guest speaker)
    4. Registration fee for an educational or professional conference (limited ASB funds available; allotted on first come first serve basis)

ASB will not provide funds for the following:

  1. Travel related expenses, for example, flights, transportation, hotels, food etc
  2. Apparel items for clubs.
  3. UWS and club co-branded items. The UWS logo is prohibited on all club items.
  4. Food for guest speakers (please review guest speaker policy)
  5. Items for personal use
  6. Funds for donations (example purchasing food to donate to a drive)
  7. Items that cannot be stored at the UWS campus

Step 4: If your budget request is approved, the office of student engagement will work with you to purchase the items.

Guest Speaker Process

  1. Individual students, clubs, ASB and UWS employees may apply to be a guest speaker sponsor (GSS). Prior to applying to be a guest speaker sponsor, verify that a satisfactory audience is interested in the proposed presentation topic and that the topic aligns with the UWS mission. Student clubs and ASB must consult their club advisor for initial approval.
  2. Complete and submit the online student event request form. A current CV for the proposed speaker must be included as part of the request. Incomplete guest speaker requests will not be considered. The GSS may suggest possible dates that will accommodate the speaker. However, the speaker is not to be invited until the GSS is notified of final approval.
  3. If the proposed speaker is a licensed health care professional, the office of student engagement will verify that the licensee is in good standing with the relevant licensing agencies, and the guest speaker request will be reviewed for final approval or denial.
  4. After approval, the office of student engagement will request that the speaker sign a guest speaker contract agreeing to specific protocols.
  5. The office of student engagement will notify the GSS when the guest speaker contract has been submitted. At that point, the GSS will be responsible for coordinating scheduling and logistical details with the speaker.
  6. The GSS is required to arrange for a UWS employee to be present during the presentation to assist with logistical needs and introductions. Email the name of the designated employee to [email protected] at least one week prior to the presentation.

Non-Approved Speakers

Individuals that have not been approved to speak at UWS may not be invited by any student(s) or student group to make any presentation on campus or at any UWS-sponsored events. Students that invite or assist non-approved individuals in making any unauthorized presentations and/or demonstrations on campus, or at any UWS sponsored events anywhere, may be considered in violation of Policy 9001- Student Conduct and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the university.

Time Guidelines

With advanced preparation, the process runs smoothly. The office of student engagement requires approximately three (3) weeks from the time an application is submitted to process the request. This allows adequate time for the approval process and for promotion of the event. Speakers are not typically scheduled during breaks, week 1, week 10 or finals week.

Deferred Request

Guest speaker requests may be accepted yet deferred. This may occur if there are too many events scheduled during a given week or quarter or if there is a delay in receiving paperwork.

Contact [email protected] for meeting and event questions