Student Jobs at UWS

At UWS we strive to create a workplace filled with respect and appreciation of all persons that are a part of our university community. UWS further strives to achieve an environment that welcomes and supports diversity. View available student jobs below.

Equal Opportunity Statement

UWS does not discriminate in education or employment on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, or veteran status, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by local, state or federal law. This policy complies with the spirit and the letter of applicable federal and local laws, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

How to Apply for Student Employment

U.S. Students
1. Student must be eligible to participate in Federal Work Study (FWS). Contact the financial aid office to determine eligibility.
2. If eligible, student may apply for any open position and will be referred to the supervisor overseeing the position.
3. If hired, student will need to provide documentation of eligibility to work in the U.S. to the human resources department.

International Students
1. Review the job description to determine if the position is open to international students. If the language contains “Student – Federal Work-Study only” then international students are not eligible to be hired. If the language contains “Student – U.S. Federal Work Study or International” then international students are eligible to apply.
2. Contact the financial aid office to go over any general questions and get the application process started.
3. Obtain a U.S. social security number. This process can take up to several weeks. Contact the UWS Designated School Official (DSO) to start the process.

Open Positions

Student Ambassador

POSITION: Student Ambassador
DEPARTMENT: Admissions
REPORTS TO: Assistant Director of Operations and Technology
CLASSIFICATION: Student – U.S. Federal Work Study or International

Estimated hours: approximately 2 hours/week
Salary: $14/hour
Positions available: multiple


Student Ambassadors promote the University of Western States by representing the student experience for prospective students, their families, guests, administrators. faculty, staff, alumni, community partners, dignitaries, and friends of the University. 

Working alongside the professional members of the Admissions Office, Student Ambassadors play a pivotal role in the recruitment of prospective students. Ambassadors leverage their personal experience and knowledge of the University to ensure that prospective students are informed of the benefits of all UWS educational programs- both on-campus and online. They serve as on-campus leaders, sources of information, and role models for both current and aspiring students.

The ambassador program serves as a leadership laboratory through which Student Ambassadors demonstrate and enhance their academic, communication, time management, and other professional skills. Ambassadors are required to balance these professional/leadership responsibilities with continuing excellence in their academic coursework. 


  • Provide excellent customer service to prospective students, their families, alumni, and other constituents.
  • Serve as official tour guides to prospective students and their families, campus visitors, dignitaries, and other admissions guests.
  • Host student visitors on-campus, accompany them to class visits, introduce them to services, resources, and facilities, etc.
  • Perform various administrative tasks including assisting with reception, phones, mailings, meetings with students and parents, data entry and integrity, and other duties as assigned.
  • Answer emails received from the “Ask a Current Student” portal in the UWS Student Ambassador website.
  • Monitor and participate in the UWS-hosted Facebook pages for newly admitted students.
  • Create content to aid in virtual recruiting- examples include recorded video messages for prospective students, guiding virtual tours, and other needs as they arise.
  • Represent the DC program during online and on-campus events for prospective and new students including the Chiropractic Preview Day, webinars, receptions, open houses, on-campus tabling events, etc.
  • Serve as encouraging role models and advocates of higher education to accepted students.
  • Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.
  • Other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: (Knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the job.)

  • Enthusiasm for UWS, its programs, and the chiropractic profession.
  • Willingness to collaborate with other student ambassadors, current students, and UWS staff and faculty to fulfill ambassador responsibilities.
  • Highly motivated, energetic, dependable, positive, and knowledgeable.
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset and ability to learn new things.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

To apply, please visit the Financial Aid Office to confirm work-study eligibility. Eligible students will be referred to the supervisor for application process. Position is open until filled.

Student Teaching Assistant

POSITION: Student Teaching Assistant
DEPARTMENT: variable in the College of Chiropractic
CLASSIFICATION: Student – U.S. Federal Work Study or International

ESTIMATED HOURS: up to 18 hours per week; varies each term depending on instructional needs
COMPENSATION: $13.40 per hour


Student Teaching assistants in the doctor of chiropractic program primarily assist faculty in providing lab instruction in a variety of courses.  Subject areas may include, but are not limited to, biomechanics, palpation, adjustive technique, physical therapy, history taking, physical exam, orthopedic testing, report of findings, taping/splinting, minor surgery, and report writing. Subject areas are chosen at the discretion of the Department Chair and Dean.


  • Observe, assist, demonstrate and offer constructive feedback to students in clinical skills development instructional lab sessions.
  • As appropriate, perform simulations of various conditions which may include having students take histories and perform examination procedures on the teaching assistant.
  • Meet with the lead course instructor and/or the lab coordinator as necessary for training, educational, and/or administrative purposes.
  • Read, understand and act in accordance with all FERPA standards established by UWS for protecting the security and privacy of student records.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethical, communication, appearance and behavior attributes, consistent with being a professional.
  • Communicate with faculty and administrative personnel regarding schedule and availability in a timely manner.

Qualifications: (Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform job)

  • Demonstrated proficiency in the clinical skills associated with the instructional assignment.

Demonstrated meeting all CCE Meta-Competency Outcomes pertinent to courses taught.


  • Have sufficient mobility to move among students engaged in various types of lab activities.
  • Have sufficient visual acuity to accurately identify student psychomotor abilities.
  • Have sufficient manual dexterity to operate adjusting tables and/or equipment as instructional activities demand.

Requirements: (Education, training and experience)

  • Must be 11th quarter or above.
  • Must have passed all courses to date and the Clinical Skills Assessment Practical Exam

Student Janitorial Assistant

POSITION:                   Student Janitorial Assistant
DEPARTMENT:            Facilities and Maintenance
REPORTS TO:             Executive Director of Safety, Security, Emergency and Campus Operations
CLASSIFICATION:       Student – U.S. Federal Work Study only 

Estimated hours:         approximately 15 hours/week
Salary:                         $13.25/hour
Positions available:     multiple


Assist facilities and maintenance with a variety of cleaning, stocking, and disinfecting duties.


  • Disinfecting door handles, rails, surfaces and chiropractic tables
  • Laundry and gathering of used towels
  • Filling and refilling disinfectant bottles
  • Stocking paper towels

QUALIFICATIONS: (Skills and abilities needed to perform job.)

  • Current enrollment in any UWS academic program
  • Reliable, punctual and able to work independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to meet assigned deadlines

To apply, please visit the Financial Aid Office to confirm work-study eligibility. Eligible students will be referred to the supervisor for application process. Position is open until filled.