Ways to Give

In addition to making a donation by cash, check or credit card, you can also support UWS in the following ways.

Stocks and Bonds

By gifting stocks or bonds held for more than one year, you can get a tax deduction for the full value of the asset, and avoid all capital gains taxes on appreciation! Consult with your financial advisor to make your gift in support of UWS.

Shares may be transferred to:
UWS Account: 08001881630
UWS DTC: 2803

Please let UWS know of your intent to transfer stock by emailing us at [email protected] so so that your gift may be properly credited.

IRA Required Minimum Distributions

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are withdrawals that the federal government requires an IRA participant to take annually from his/her Traditional IRAs after he/she reaches age 70½. Your RMD is usually taxed as ordinary income. But if you turn your RMD into a qualified charitable distribution (QMD) to UWS, up to an annual maximum of $100,000, it’s not included in your gross income and does not count against the limits on deductions for charitable contributions. These can be significant advantages for certain high-income earners. Consult with your financial advisor to see if this method of giving is right for you.

Bequests and Planned Giving

Planned gifts include things like bequests, trusts and retirement or life insurance policies. Each method can offer various tax benefits depending on your personal financial situation. We will recognize you as a major donor to the university from the day you notify us of your intent to make a planned gift. For information about planned giving, consult your financial advisor or contact the UWS donor relations department at 503-847-2574 or [email protected].

Thank you to our Bequest Society.

Student Referral

The UWS Student Referral Recognition Program celebrates the important contribution of people who refer students to enroll in any graduate-level degree or certificate program with annual membership in the President’s Society. Refer a student.