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deans with syndavers

Donors Are Expanding the Human Anatomy Collection

Thanks to generous donor support, the university is pleased to share with our alumni and friends that we now have two state-of-the-art SynDaver human anatomy models on campus. The models arrived in late spring and are available for instructors and chiropractic students to learn. We ask now for your continued support for additional models, so that we may have small student work groups using the models in the future. We are grateful for your support implementing these important teaching tools

“Working with the SynDavers is a great way for me and my classmates to review and study anatomy. Unlike books and virtual models, the SynDavers allowed us to hold the organs, nerves and muscles right in our hands to help us understand how all these parts of our bodies work together. The SynDavers have also been a great resource when we aren’t actively learning anatomy anymore. I can easily go into the lab when studying to help review anatomy for other classes.”

– Faith Wilson, Q4 DC student

Why expand the human anatomy collection? 

We continue to integrate new technology like SynDavers into our curriculum in order to enhance the hands-on learning experiences of our students. 

These high-quality human anatomy models allow students to repeatedly practice with the anatomical structures of the human body. The models support student understanding of the human body and allow the university to utilize anatomy practice areas on our new campus to complement the students experience in the anatomical sciences lab.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or call 503-847-2574. Thank you! 

deans with syndavers
deans with syndavers