Webinar Series

The Webinar Series allows UWS alums and students to take away great information and advice from expert panelists who participate in them. Panelists with various specialties and backgrounds, including UWS alums, participate in facilitated discussions sharing their thoughts and expertise on current topics. 

Defining Your Nutrition and Functional Medicine Scope of Practice

Nuts and Bolts of Setting Up Your Nutrition and Functional Medicine Practice

DC Employers Insights Panel

UWS brought four distinguished chiropractic physician business owners together for this unique panel discussion. They represent a wealth of experience as employers – specifically of chiropractic associates. The discussion with these experts explores some questions about chiropractic associate positions both from a business owners’ perspective as one possibly looking to expand or retire, as well as a student perspective – who may be now considering their first employment options after school. 

LGBTQ+ Chiropractic Profession Insights

In honor of National Coming Out Day, October 11, University of Western States convened a group of wonderfully talented chiropractic practitioners who all identify as members of the LGBTQ+ population for an online discussion. Our participants volunteered to share honest, meaningful dialogue with our audience as part of this forum. Thank you all so much for being a part of this presentation!

Retirement Panel Discussion

In this facilitated discussion about retirement from the chiropractic profession, our three panelists share open and honest feedback about their personal experiences. Retirement can be an emotionally and financially complicated topic. We hope this conversation provides some guidance, answers questions, and helps connect you to others contemplating or actively working to retire.

Social Media Privacy and HIPAA Webinar

Having an online presence can help take one’s practice to the next level and allow the community to get to know potential providers better. The University of Western States office of alumni relations hosted a webinar regarding social media privacy practices and HIPAA.