CSPE (Clinical Standards, Protocols and Education) Protocols and Care Pathways

UWS care pathways and protocols provide evidence-informed, consensus-based guidelines to support clinical decision making. To best meet a patient’s healthcare needs, variation from these guidelines may be appropriate based on more current information, clinical judgment of the practitioner, and/or patient preferences.

These pathways and protocols are informed by currently available evidence and developed by UWS personnel to guide clinical education and practice. Although individual procedures and decision points within the pathway may have established validity and/or reliability, the pathway as a whole has not been rigorously tested and therefore should not be adopted wholesale for broader use.

Please note that the care pathways and protocols are available to alumni, friends and the greater UWS community. Video resources below are only available to current UWS students. Safari will not work as a browser.


Abbreviations last updated 7/16
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm last updated 6/05
Activity Modification last updated 8/07
Alcohol Misuse last updated 9/17
Algometer last updated 3/96
Ankle Sprains Assessment last updated 2/16
Ankle Sprains Assessment Summary last updated 2/16
Ankle Sprains Management last updated 7/16
Ankle Sprains Summary Sheets 12/14
Apportionment last updated 1/10
Benign_Paroxysmal_Positional_Vertigo_BPPV 12_17
Cauda Equina Syndrome last updated 5/05
Cervical Orthopedic Tests last updated 4/21
Cervical Radiculopathy Manipulation last updated 5/04
Cervical Rehab 1/17
Cervical Traction last updated 11/04
Chest Pain Suspected Cardiac Sx last updated 7/16
Chronic Pain last updated 11/20
Deep Tendon Reflexes last updated 9/05
Deep Vein Thrombosis last updated 9/05
Diabetic Foot Screen last updated 8/16
Directional Preference Low Back last updated 5/08
Directional Preference Neck last updated 07/08
Dizziness Vertigo Sudden Onset last updated 3/99
Dynamometer and Pinch Gauge last updated 7/99
Emergent Referrals last updated 7/10
Frequency Language last updated 11/95
Gender and Sexual Identity last updated 11/20
GERD last updated 12/16
Glucosamin Chondroitin MSM
Goals and Outcome Measures last updated 7/99
Grades of Mobilization Maitlands last updated 9/98
Hand Hygiene last updated 8/12
Imaging Acute Ankle Injury last updated 3/16
Imaging Acute Cervical Spine Injury last updated 6/02
Imaging Acute Knee Injury last updated 01/01
Imaging Recommended Radiographic Projections last updated 03/05
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) last updated 11/20
Key Movement Patterns last updated 06/13
Knee Dx An Aid to Pattern Recognition last updated 10/13
Knee Orthopedic Tests last updated 12/12
Knee Pain and Tenderness last updated 6/12
Knee Rehab Tubing Exercises last updated 7/99
Low Back and Leg Endurance last updated 7/01
Low Back Rehabilitation Summary last updated 7/07
Low Back Rehab and Stabilization last updated 6/11
Lumbar Functional Instability last updated 8/10
Lumbar Spinal Joint Dysfunction Syndrome last updated 12/10
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis last updated 6/11
Lumbar_Spondylolysis_&_Spondylolisthesis 4/18
Muscle Testing last updated 5/98
NSAIDs Summary last updated 07/10
NSAIDS Use of OTCs last updated 07/10
Pain Measuring Intensity last updated 8/15
Physical Therapy Modalities last updated 5/14
Problem List last updated 2/14
Q-Fear Avoidance Beliefs (FAB Q) last updated 10/10
Q-How to Score DASH last updated 5/99
Q_How to Score NDI last updated 7/07
Q_How to Use Roland Morris last updated 7/07
Q_How to Use Simple Shoulder Test last updated 03/99
Q_Patient Specific Functional Scale last updated 09/15
Q_Qwestry Disability Index (Revised) last updated 7/07
Red Flags for Serious Disease Causing LBP last updated 10/07
Sacroiliac Orthopedic Tests last updated 04/21
Scapular Training Track last updated 12/97
Serratus Anterior Training Track last updated 12/97
Severity last updated 02/98
Shoulder Dx Aid to Pattern Recog last updated 9/15
Shoulder Exercises last updated 7/11
SOAP Progress Notes last updated 10/13
Stretching Exercises Home Care last updated 10/02
Stroke Acute TIA last updated 8/04
Tenderness Grading last updated 8/14
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome last updated 7/08
Transverse Friction Massage last updated 5/05
Trauma Diet Nutrition and Botanticals last updated 9/06
Tremor last updated 4/21
Tubing Exercises last updated 10/97
VBI and CAD last updated 4/08
Yellow Flags for Developing Persistent LBP last updated 9/11