2019 UWS Alumni Recognition Award

Alumna of the Year 2018
Minga Guerrero, DC, Alumna of the Year 2018
Alumna of the Year 2017
Jordan Graeme, DC, Alumna of the Year 2017
Alumnus of the Year 2016
Jason Young, DC, Alumnus of the Year 2016









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University of Western States is pleased to open nominations for the annual UWS Alumni Recognition Award. Alumni from all UWS academic programs are eligible for nomination. Our goal is to highlight the exceptional work of our graduates that are Taking the Lead in the field as they advance the science and art of integrated health care. Nominations will be considered based on professional, scholarly and community contributions that represent the core values of University of Western States: wellness, community and excellence.

Please help us showcase the outstanding accomplishments of our alumni as we work together for the good of the patient. This award will be presented at the fond farewell reception on Saturday, October 12. Deadline for submission is Saturday, August 31.

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Please RSVP for the A Fond Farewell reception to hear UWS announce the winner.