Sports-Related Programs at UWS

Discover a new kind of health sciences education at University of Western States (UWS). Founded in 1904, UWS is an integrated health sciences university with an enduring commitment to educating health care professionals. The university motto, “For the good of the patient” guides every aspect of the institution. UWS is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

sports-related programs

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The sports medicine master’s program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the student with a comprehensive educational experience in sports injury care and performance enhancement of athletes. Emphasis is placed on providing an academic background and practical knowledge in the development of an integrated approach to the conditioning and treatment of athletes. University of Western States offers broad opportunities for hands-on experiences working with athletes in a number of sports at variety of venues. Pursuing this degree opens up opportunities in this diverse and growing branch of medicine and enhances a provider’s marketability to athletic populations. A Masters of Science in Sports Medicine degree builds a strong foundation and prepares the highly qualified individual for careers in research, teaching, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, sport injury management, health promotion, corporate fitness and community based health and wellness programs.

The exercise and sport science (ESS) online accredited master’s degree program prepares graduates to provide expert education, guidance and services as leaders in sport, exercise and wellness disciplines. Taught by world-class faculty with extensive health and fitness experience, our evidence-informed curriculum is comprehensive and prepares students with first-hand knowledge needed to succeed in this diverse field. Every student begins their ESS studies with core courses. After students finish these shared core classes they then choose electives based on their desired career path.

Health and Wellness Promotion Concentration
This concentration is optimal for anyone interested in health and wellness management, whether you are a wellness center manager, life coach or human resources professional creating a wellness campaign for your organization ­ the opportunities are endless.

Nutrition Concentration
This concentration is optimal for anyone interested in health and fitness from a more holistic perspective. It focuses on the importance of physical activity and exercise as well as dietary intake in our overall quest for better health and fitness. If you are currently a health and fitness professional or want to become one with a more holistic approach, this concentration is for you.

The sport and performance psychology (SPP) online program focuses on teaching the process of success, creating and leading a highly effective team, positive motivation and communication, and setting and achieving high goals. Our curriculum is designed to help students become certified consultants through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology with both a Master of Science and doctoral degree option.

Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology
Using positive and applied sport psychology, our program is designed to help students develop the mental essentials to enhance performance and maximize human potential. The degree consists of eight core courses and multiple elective options.

Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology
UWS also offers a doctorate degree program (EdD) in Sport and Performance Psychology. The doctoral program is designed to enhance students’ prior training and experience in applied sport psychology, coaching and counseling. Students in the Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology program may choose to continue on to the SPP doctoral degree program and complete their licensed professional counselor coursework requirements.