David Audley

Board Member

Audley, David

With nearly two decades of experience in biotechnology, life sciences and health care, David Audley is a recognized leader in the fields of health care marketing and data-driven patient outcomes. Through his years designing and managing international clinical studies he has achieved a reputation for being able to accurately predict future trends in patient health and wellness.

As the director of business development for The CHP Group, an integrative healthcare solutions company that focuses on member health and satisfaction, Audley manages a national network of high-quality, IH providers and oversees the expansion of CHP’s core business. Like many people, his interest in integrative health care is derived from a very personal experience that evidenced the positive impact of this growing segment of the health care industry. He brings a refreshingly iconoclastic vision that demands we question the status quo and seek alternative solutions to some of the most pressing needs of modern health care.