Note: Courses that include a laboratory component require the student to purchase a lab kit.

UBCH250 Introduction to Biochemistry (4 credits) Online only.
This is an introductory biochemistry course covering topics such as carbohydrate metabolism, proteins, enzymes, lipids, digestion and nutrition. There is no lab experience with this course. Prerequisite: High school algebra and college-level chemistry required.

UBCH251 Introduction to Biochemistry Lab (2 credits) Online only.
This is a lab that introduces the biochemistry laboratory topics: Laboratory Techniques and Measurements, Hydrolysis of Acetylsalicylic Acid, Stereochemistry I, Stereochemistry II, Chromatography of food dyes, Melting points, Caloric content of food, Enzymes, and Introduction to spectroscopy. This course requires the purchase of a lab kit.Prerequisites: General Chemistry 1. We strongly recommend that you have college level math, reading, writing, and study skills before enrolling in this course.

UCHM240 General Chemistry I (5 credits) Online only.
This is an introductory course on the fundamentals of chemical principles. Topics include: the components of matter, chemicalequilibrium, chemical reaction types and solution chemistry, gas laws, thermochemistry, quantum theory, atomic structure, electron configurations, chemical bonding models. There is a laboratory portion of this course is completed using a home lab kit. Prerequisite: high school chemistry recommended.