Human Bio Curriculum

Degree Requirements

At UWS the bachelor’s degree in human biology requires a core education of cultural and communication proficiency, a suitable depth of coursework in the major area, plus a breadth of general educational experience. Students obtain the general education and life and physical sciences credits prior to matriculation to UWS. The human biology major requirements are obtained while enrolled at UWS. All credit hours listed below are quarter credits. For purposes of conversion, 1.5 quarter credits equal 1 semester credit.

The bachelor’s degree requires a total of at least 180 quarter credits distributed in the following areas:

  • General Education Requirements – minimum of 45 quarter credits
  • Life and Physical Sciences – minimum 36 quarter credits
  • Human Biology Major Requirements – minimum 45 quarter credits
  • Electives – up to 12 quarter credits may be allowed toward the degree
    (General Education credits, electives, and life and physical science must total 135 quarter credits but may be distributed in a variety of ways between the three categories as long as the minimums are met).

General Education Requirements

 Students must have at least 45 quarter credits of previously completed general education coursework for the degree. Areas of study that satisfy general education requirements include humanities, social studies/social sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, writing, speaking, etc. In addition, students must have completed at least 36 quarter credits of life and physical sciences coursework for the Bachelor of Science degree. Courses that satisfy this requirement include biology, physics, chemistry, exercise physiology, anatomy, physiology, etc. At least half of these courses must include a laboratory experience. UWS offers online courses in chemistry and biochemistry to satisfy some of these requirements.


Electives may include courses in areas such as business, public administration, physical education, and relevant career/technical coursework (12 quarter credits maximum).

Major Requirements

 Major requirements for the human biology bachelor’s degree are obtained through successful completion of specific dually-attributed basic science courses and evidence-informed practice courses. Students must pass the major requirement courses with a C or better.
Human Bio Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the BS in human biology will:

• Speak, read, communicate, compute, and utilize social skills necessary to engage the expectations of a first professional doctorate program.
• Explain concepts related to human morphology.
• Demonstrate knowledge of human genetics and cellular function.
• Demonstrate knowledge of human pathology.
• Locate and critically appraise health-related scientific literature.