DC + LMT = Love Update

Remember Kurt and Justina Slonaker? As a married couple, they decided to attend UWS together, Kurt in the doctor of chiropractic program and Justina in the massage therapy program. Their intention after graduation was to build an integrated practice together as husband and wife, DC and LMT. We caught up with them after graduation to see what they were up to now.

Kurt Slonaker        Justina Slonaker

Kurt and I are currently living in Meridian Idaho. We are both treating patients at Gonstead Spine and Wellness. We work with a great team and have a busy clinic! Kurt sees patients full time and I work part time as an LMT. Kurt and I work closely together to determine the best outcomes for all of our patients. It has been really fun to work together! We have also been busy in our personal life. We now have a one year old son, named Bradley and we are expecting our second son in October!


slonaker-family slonaker-baby