Parking and Transportation

Welcome to the parking and transportation department at University of Western States! Here you will find out helpful information regarding:

  • Directions to the UWS campus
  • Where to park
  • Campus map
  • Links for students and employees to file your commute declaration forms and update changes online
  • Information about parking and transportation at UWS

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Where to Park

Visitors: Parking spaces for short-term use are reserved for visitors and marked accordingly. They are located in front of the Administration Building and between the Student Assessment and Gym buildings. A UWS employee can request visitor parking passes through

Students: Park in unmarked spaces only. Students may not park in spaces marked Faculty/Staff, Reserved, Visitor, Loading or use Clinic Parking at any time. Infraction will result in a $25 ticket.

Employees: Park in spaces reserved for Faculty/Staff or open spaces. Reserved spaces require a special decal. Employees may not park in Visitor, Loading or use Clinic Parking at any time. Infraction will result in a $25 ticket.

Carpools: Two or more registered commuters carpool may receive a special carpool permit. To park in a designated carpool space, there must be 2 or more registered commuters traveling together at the same time. Carpool spaces are reserved for carpool-registered vehicles until 10 a.m. Violations will result in a $25 ticket. After 10 a.m., these spaces are open to any vehicle displaying a current UWS parking permit.

Motorcycle: Free motorcycle parking is located in the sectioned off spaces at the end of the SE staff/faculty lot. If you pay for and register as individually driving a vehicle to campus, you are eligible to receive a motorcycle sticker. Motorcycle stickers allow for employees to park their registered motorcycle in unmarked spaces.

Bike: Covered bicycle racks are located in front of the gym building. Uncovered bicycle racks are also available and may be found in numerous locations around campus.

Visitors: Visitor spaces are reserved for visitors and marked accordingly.

Campus Health Center Parking: These spaces are for patients only! If you are an employee being treated at the CHC, please park in the usual unmarked spaces. If your vehicle is reported in the CHC parking area, you will be issued a $25 citation. You may not appeal this citation. If a relative using your vehicle receives a ticket while being treated in the CHC, you may appeal the decision by showing clear proof of a clinic appointment during the time the vehicle was ticketed.

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Bus Passes and Tickets

Monthly Passes: Employees are eligible for free TriMet monthly passes. To qualify, you must commute 4 or 5 days a week and declare busing on the Commute Declaration form.

Quarterly Passes: Students are eligible for free TriMet quarterly pass stickers to affix to a valid UWS ID. To qualify, you must commute 4 or 5 days a week and declare busing on the Commute Declaration form.

Bus Tickets: Occasional bus tickets may be provided to students and employees for UWS-related commuting and travel only. Students and employees with a registered vehicle on campus may purchase occasional bus tickets for $1.25 each at the bookstore.

UWS Campus Parking Policy

Registration and Payment: All students and employees must register how they plan to commute to and from the campus when hired. This includes those who individually drive, walk, bike, bus, ride a motorcycle, carpool or are dropped off.

Change in Commute Status: You must inform the parking coordinator of any changes in your commute status. If you drive a motor vehicle to the campus that is not registered and/or you do not have the proper parking permit, you will be expected to pay all fines that are assessed on that vehicle.

Parking Permits and Daily Parking Passes: Parking permits and daily parking passes are required for all students and employee motor vehicles parked on the UWS campus. Permit/Pass Placement: The parking permit must be visible in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle’s front windshield. The daily parking pass must be hung on the rearview mirror and be visible in the vehicle. Additional permits for secondary vehicles or replacement permits for lost/damaged stickers will cost $5 and can be paid for in the bookstore when picking up the permit.

Temporary/Daily Parking Passes: Daily parking passes are available for a $2 charge in the library, Chiro Café or bookstore (limit of 9 at a time). NOTE: The date of use must be written legibly on the daily pass with a black marker or you will receive a $25 citation.

University of Western States is not responsible for damages caused to vehicles which are parked or being operated on campus, nor is it responsible for the theft of vehicles or of their contents.

Important Prohibitions

No parking is allowed on the neighborhood streets by employees or students of UWS. Non-compliance will result in a $50 citation. This restriction is based on Official College Policy generated by the City of Portland’s zoning requirements for UWS Conditional Use Permit.

Bike riding on campus sidewalks is prohibited; bikes must be walked on campus sidewalks to ensure safety.

Pets are not allowed on campus with the exception of service animals in accordance with state and federal law. Fines and other sanctions may be levied against those who bring animals on campus (this includes leaving pets in cars parked on campus).