UWS Student Achievement

student achievement

University of Western States offers a world-class, integrated health care education and provides an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness. Our graduates deliver high-quality health care based on science, the professional’s skill and knowledge, and the preferences and experiences of the patient or client.

In May 2020, five peer graduate health science institutions in the NWCCU accreditation region joined to develop a data-sharing/peer comparison consortium whose common goal is to improve student achievement, including the identification and closure of equity gaps, within their institutions and to comply with Standard 1.D.3. A sixth graduate health science institution in the NWCCU accreditation region joined the consortium in March 2022. The data on this webpage includes benchmarked disaggregated outcomes for key student outcomes. Each regional peer institution is assigned a numeric identifier to orient stakeholders to individual institutional data. Data are published anonymously to protect institutional confidentiality.

2021/2022 Data

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