Tuition and Cost of Attendance Details – Doctor of Chiropractic

This page provides details on what you may expect to pay for each academic period of your student career while you’re in the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program at UWS. This includes UWS direct costs of attendance for tuition and fees, as well as estimated indirect costs of attendance for living expenses.


Admission to the university includes a $50 application fee and a $300 tuition deposit to secure a seat in the desired entering class. Both fees are one-time and non-refundable. The tuition deposit is applied to the first term of tuition. Transfer students may incur a $50 transcript evaluation fee.

View additional costs below or download a detailed tuition and fee schedule here.

Direct Costs of Attendance

Tuition and fees are direct costs charged by the university and due on or before the first day of the term. The board of trustees of the University of Western States reserves the right to modify the tuition and fees at any time. For additional information regarding due dates and financial obligations, please reference the Student Financial Responsibility policy.


The traditional DC program is 12 quarters (terms)* long with a flat rate of tuition per term based on a course schedule above 9 credits per term.


* Options are available which allow for multiple breaks in the student schedule to accommodate a concurrent degree programs, study for board exams or school/life balance. These options include taking a summer term break or dividing the combined course load for the 8th and 9th terms over three terms instead of two, making the program 13 terms. The fee for the option of extending the DC program to 13 terms is $5,000.

** Cost per credit hour for nontraditional course schedule as approved by the dean: $543 per credit.

Several elective courses are also available to enhance the student learning experience:


*** Elective courses are not eligible for financial aid.

For questions regarding course schedules or curriculum, contact the office of the registrar at [email protected] or see the academic catalog.

Required Fees

When a student is concurrently enrolled in more than one UWS academic program, some fees may be assessed only once.

Fee Schedule doctor of chiropractic program

**** Parking permits are required for all regular full and part-time students parking on the UWS campus. Parking permits are not required for bicycles, motorcycles/scooters using designated spaces or for those who walk or use public transportation. Chiropractic students are not charged for parking in their final term of enrollment. Fees for other transportation options include daily parking permits for $2 per day and occasional public transportation tickets for $2 per ride. Further parking and transportation information is available here.

Additional fees may apply depending on circumstances. Complete detailed tuition and fee schedule is available here.

For additional questions regarding direct costs of attendance or payment information please contact the business office at [email protected].

Indirect Costs of Attendance

Costs incurred for living and transportation as well as books and supplies to support your education are indirect costs not charged by the university.

Costs incurred for living and transportation as well as books and supplies to support your education are indirect costs not charged by the university.

No single figure perfectly represents the cost of indirect expenses as living arrangements and personal spending habits vary widely. These figures represent estimated living expenses for one person in the Portland metropolitan area.  With careful planning and budgeting, expenses and resulting debt may be minimized. The university financial aid office will be happy to assist, please contact them at [email protected].