Survey Request

Survey administration is governed by Policy 1010. Per policy, survey requests that involve UWS students, faculty, staff or alumni are reviewed and approved by the office of institutional effectiveness (OIE) based on the criteria established below and the schedule of other planned surveys. The process may take up to ten (10) business days.

  • Has a clear purpose and is not duplicative of other existing survey instruments.
  • Is well designed and utilizes sound survey methods and practices.
  • Reproduction does not violate copyright laws.
  • Utilizes appropriate university software or other mechanism for data collection.
  • Actions are taken to protect the confidentiality of responses, as appropriate.
  • Approved by IRB, when appropriate.
  • Timing of survey does not interfere with other planned surveys and university activities.
  • In the case of student surveys, includes faculty mentor or sponsor.
  • Adheres to university brand guidelines.

Surveys not meeting these criteria may be denied and resubmitted for approval once outstanding recommendations are addressed.

Please complete the form below to request your survey.