Carrie Ebling, DC, LMT

MT Associate Professor

Email: 503-256-3180 x2027


Dr. Carrie Ebling, LMT#8058 has been practicing massage therapy since 1999 and teaching future massage therapists since 2002.  She was part of the founding group of instructors that helped develop the massage therapy program at the University of Western States and continues to teach and supervise students through their clinical rotations in the Portland community.  In 2008 she graduated cum laude from the University of Western States chiropractic program and currently maintains a private practice in Portland.  In 2010 she expanded her teaching to include the continuing education department and the chiropractic sciences division of UWS.



Catching Up: Five Questions and a Wildcard

Name: Carrie Ebling, DC

Title: faculty, massage therapy department and adjunct professor, chiropractic sciences

Prior Schooling: Florida State University, Florida School of Massage, University of Western States

1. What made you decide to come to UWS? The year I was starting in the chiropractic program I learned that Western States was launching a massage program. I met with the then director and begged and pleaded for a job. She was hesitant that I would not be able to successfully complete the DC program while working nights and weekends but I managed to convince her that I was worth the risk. I’m thankful I was able to be part of the creation of the massage therapy program and share my passion for clinical massage.

2. What is the most surprising thing about working here? From the outside it looks like the university is on a slow and steady path that never waivers. But on the inside you get to see the punctuated evolution that is realistically at play. The staff and faculty all seem to stay the same for the longest time and then one day you look around and see so many new faces, all adding their strengths to the mix.

3. What excites you the most about the school’s future? I see us producing stronger and more efficient graduates that have an ever-growing number of opportunities. Even as we diversify, the goals of the university remain the same.

4. Which UWS resource could you not live without as a teacher? Gross Lab

5. What do you teach and why do you love it? I teach a variety of courses: kinesiology, medical massage and I supervise interns during their clinical shifts. I teach because I love the practice of massage. It’s always exciting to share this amazing career with students because in every new class I get to see the student’s enthusiasm about the new opportunities a massage therapy education offers.

6. Wild Card! Favorite thing to do around Portland? I love food that is both healthy and delicious and Portland has an abundance of both. The past few summers I have made it a point to participate in at least one farm-to-table event. There is nothing better than touring a farm and then sitting down at a table in the midst of it all to enjoy an amazing meal cooked by one of Portland’s fine chefs. In true “Portlandia” style, I’ve been able to see where the pork that I buy at the farmers market is raised, learn about the oldest pinot noir vines in the area and see what the amazingly consistent line for strawberries from Viridian farms is all about.