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Mindfulness Podcast

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Show Description

The UWS Mindfulness + Mental Health podcast features Ami Brimhall and Dr. Michelle Cox, clinical mental health counseling program director. From topics ranging from time management, self-care, and, of course, mindfulness, tune in to gain insights into living a more balanced life.

Current Episode

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode of the Mindfulness + Mental Health Podcast, Ami Brimhall, Dr. Michelle Rose (formerly Cox) and Erin Cochran discuss various ways in which we can individually attune to our needs in times of uncertainty and tragedy.


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode of the Mindfulness + Mental Health Podcast, Ami Brimhall, Dr. Michelle Cox and Erin Cochran discuss the concepts of mindful eating, our relationship with the biological need of nourishment through food and what stories we tell ourselves around the foods we eat and why.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode of the Mindfulness + Mental Health Podcast, Ami Brimhall, Dr. Michelle Cox and Erin Cochran discuss the concept of grounded optimism and how our mindsets influence our individual experiences.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode of the Mindfulness + Mental Health Podcast, Ami Brimhall, Dr. Michelle Cox and Erin Cochran discuss building healthy communities through mindfulness and gratitude.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode of the Mindfulness + Mental Health podcast, Ami Brimhall, Dr. Michelle Cox, Caitlin Jones and Erin Cochran discuss healthy boundaries and how they can help shape our professional and personal lives.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: UWS Mindfulness and Mental Health Podcast Ep 2: Whole Patient Care feat Dr. Joseph Brimhall. Join Dr. Michelle Cox, Ami Brimhall, Erin Kunesh, and President of UWS Dr. Joseph Brimhall as they discuss what it means to treat the whole patient as well as how to approach all the various facets of health-care.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Mindfulness & Mental Health Podcast Ep 1: Seeking, Giving, and Receiving Help. Welcome to the new UWS Mindfulness & Mental Health Podcast feat. Ami Brimhall and Dr. Michelle Cox. This episode dives deep into the role of mindfulness when it comes to seeking, giving, and receiving help in the world.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Ep 8: How to find mindfulness within the currently shifting state of the world feat Dr. Michelle Cox

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: MMP Ep 7: The Science of Memory and its Relationship to Social Media and Mindfulness feat Dr. Michelle Cox

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: MMP Ep 6 – Instant Calming Sequence fear Dr. Michelle Cox: In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Michelle Cox who is the director of clinical mental health counseling at UWS. To help us through these unique and trying times during quarantine as well as for life in general, Dr. Cox shares with us a powerful tool to add to our mindfulness toolbox called the instant calming sequence.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: MMP Ep 5 – Mindful Journaling: In this episode, Ami, Joe, and Caitlin (our new host of the weekly vitals) discuss mindfulness in regards to journaling: what the science says, different ways to journal, and other great nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: MMP Ep 4 – Taking a Deep Pause: In this episode, Ami discusses how we can position our bodies and minds in order to take a deep pause from our day.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: MMP Ep 3 – New Years Resolutions: In this episode, Ami, Erin, and Joe discuss the idea of New Year’s Resolutions and how we can bring mindfulness into the equation.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Mindfulness Minute Podcast Ep 2: With the seasons changing and final exams right around the corner, we decided to share two different mindfulness exercises in this episode. Enjoy!

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Mindfulness Minute Podcast Ep 1: Welcome to the first Mindfulness Minute Podcast episode!

UWS Life Podcast

Show Description

The UWS Life podcast features esteemed members of the UWS community. From students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors and friends, our community is comprised of unique personalities who support the UWS mission of advancing the science and art of integrated health care through excellence in education and patient care.

Current Episode

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Get to know a few of the UWS doctor of chiropractic instructors you’ll meet and learn from throughout your time in the DC program. Guests include: Dr. Suzanne Lady, Dr. James Strange, Dr. Chad Lambert, Dr. Kathryn Ross and Dr. Christine Major. Interested in learning more about the DC program at UWS? Visit the UWS website at www.uws.edu or contact the admissions team via email at [email protected] or call 800-641-5641.


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Dr. Bill Moreau, UWS chief medical officer, Dr. Jaci Bergstrom, assistant dean in the college of chiropractic, Monika Hernandez, executive director of clinic business operations and finance, Jasmine Cheema, DC clinical intern, and Emily Kahler, DC clinical intern join host Erin Cochran of the marketing/communications department to discuss the chiropractic student experience in the UWS clinic system.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Christopher Browne, DC, MS, program director for the UWS Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (HNFM) department, and Georgia Gootee, UWS assistant director of admissions join Erin Cochran to discuss what functional medicine is, why someone would pursue a degree in it, and how the UWS HNFM program can help them achieve those goals.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: The UWS clinical mental health counseling department recently hired Dr. Amy O’Hana as an assistant professor. Her skills and professional experience will elevate the CMHC program by offering students an in-depth focus on counseling ethics; diagnosis and assessment; career and vocational counseling; first responders and military; and grief, loss, and adjustment. Her research interests are human potential and motivation, erotic intelligence (which isn’t necessarily about sexuality), integrative approaches and spirituality. Hear more from Dr. O’Hana and her vision for UWS.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Glenn Kasin, UWS doctor of chiropractic student and intern in the Connected Whole Health clinic joins Dr. Bill Moreau, UWS chief medical officer and host Erin Cochran to discuss his journey to UWS. Kasin is also a master’s level marathon runner (ranked #5 Masters UWS) and was able to assist in medical care at the Olympic track and field trials earlier this summer in Eugene, Oregon.

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Dr. Tamara Lovelace, UWS DC alumna was named the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP™) Sports Chiropractor of the Year! Dr. Lovelace traveled to Tokyo for the summer games and Dr. Bill Moreau, UWS chief medical officer and host Erin Cochran connect with her about her career and professional accolades. 

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: The Inaugural UWS Life Podcast with Dr. Bill Moreau, Erin Cochran, and Megan Nugent. They discuss Dr. Moreau’s past with the US Olympic Committee, his path to coming to UWS, and how he found a residence within our community.

Learn more about Dr. Bill Moreau from his UWS profile.