Leave and Withdraw Requests

UWS students are required to maintain continuous enrollment by being enrolled in courses or on an approved leave from their first term until completion of all degree requirements. Students are also expected to complete their program requirements within the established maximum enrollment time for their program. 

Situations may arise that require students to take time off or withdraw. Please submit the form below to request an approved leave or a withdraw from a course, program, or the university.

Not sure which option is right for you? Fill out the form or contact your student success advisor to discuss your options.

Types of Leave

Immediate Leave: Leaving in the middle of a term without completing coursework. This option is for students who have a situation that requires them to stop attending classes in the middle of a term. Note, you will not be withdrawn from classes until your leave is approved.

Future Leave: Completing a term and then going on leave. This option is for students who plan to take a leave for an upcoming term. If you know in advance you will need to take a term off (e.g. take the summer term off), you can submit a leave request even if you are in current coursework. Future leave requests do not impact status of current coursework.


  • Students on an approved leave retain their admitted student status, including access to university facilities and services, during the length of their approved leave.
  • A leave approved for any portion of a term is considered a full term of leave.
  • Students in their first term of enrollment are not eligible for leave until after completion of their first term.
  • Students may be granted a maximum of four (4) terms of leave. The terms do not have to be consecutive.

Types of Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal: Withdraw from one or more courses, but not all courses, in a term after the add/drop period (Sunday, week 1). This option is for students who may wish to reduce their courseload.

Program Withdraw: Allows students enrolled in multiple programs to withdraw from one program but not the other.

University Withdraw: This allows students to withdraw entirely from the university and discontinue enrollment as a UWS student.

To request a Leave or Withdrawal

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Monitor your UWS email address for a response from the student success team. A student success advisor will contact you within five (5) business days to review your request and discuss potential implications.

Note: your request is not approved until you receive confirmation via your UWS email from your student success advisor.