Business Office Resources for Employees

Budgeting Process

Business office assists with the budgeting process at UWS. The staff accountant creates user access in Dynamic Budgets and provides the budget managers with the instructions about the Statement of Activities and Variances reports on the monthly basis. The chief business office conducts a training for the managers to cover budgeting process and variance reporting.

The Dynamic Budgets Manual is available here. More training resources are available on Udocs in the business office section.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is an easy, quick and secure method of receiving the payroll and miscellaneous refunds. Electronic refunds are generally processed sooner than paper checks and cannot be lost in the mail.

Direct deposit for payroll:

  • Available only to banks located in the USA
  • Set up takes 7-10 business days
  • You receive an email notification once the direct deposit is set up
  • Remains in effect until you cancel your form through the business office
  • You must update the form if you change your bank account
  • FWS students: your valid direct deposit authorization for the residual financial aid can be used for the payroll upon your request

If you do not sign up for direct deposits, checks are mailed to your address on file so make sure to update your address in Workday. We strongly encourage UWS employees to sign up for direct deposit to streamline and expedite the release of funds.

Direct deposit for Miscellaneous reimbursements is set up through the third-party vendor AvidXchange. 

New hires receive a DocuSign from AvidXchange containing an Internal ACH Form within the first month of employment. If you would like to set up a direct deposit for the miscellaneous reimbursements, please fill out this ACH form. Once the form is completed, setup will be completed within 3-5 business days to receive ACH payments. If you prefer to receive reimbursement checks, please let the business office know or email directly to  [email protected]

Current UWS employees. If you would like to set up direct deposit for the miscellaneous reimbursements, please contact accounts payable specialist at [email protected]


Can I use my personal email to sign up for the direct deposit?

No, you must use only your UWS email to complete the authorization for direct deposit form and for communication with the business office and AvidXchange.

According to the Policy 3604 Electronic Mail (Email) Use, students and employees are required to use their university assigned email account when engaging in business or academic activities with UWS.

Authorizations for direct deposit sent from the personal emails are not accepted due to the security reasons. 

How do I submit an authorization for direct deposit for payroll?

How do I sign up for direct deposit for miscellaneous reimbursements?

  • Fill out a DocuSing containing an Internal ACH form. The ACH form comes from AvidXchange. Contact business office for any questions. 

How would I know that my direct deposit became effective?

As soon as your bank information is verified through UWS bank (pre-noted) and entered into the system, you will receive an email notification to your UWS email.

Prior to setting up the direct deposit (receiving email notification) funds are disbursed by paper checks.

What happens if I don’t sign up for direct deposit?

Default disbursement method is a paper check that is mailed out to your address on file. Please make sure you address is up to date when you expect the payroll. To change your address, employees should go to Workday self-service.

What is the deadline to sign up for direct deposit?

While there is no actual deadline, we encourage UWS employees to complete the sign up process during the onboarding.

Can I use the same form that I use for the financial aid refunds?

Access student worker authorization for direct deposit here. You don’t need to complete this form if you want to use the same bank account for the payroll as you use for your student residual financial aid. Please contact the business office to confirm your choice.

Methods and Acceptance of Payments

Please contact the business office if you have any questions about the payment acceptance.

Purchase Order

There is no requirement at UWS to send a purchase order to a vendor. However, if a vendor requires a purchase order prior to selling the listed products and quantities, the form can be found here. After completion, the purchase order is submitted to the business office.


SignNow, the eSignature platform utilized by UWS, is compliant with the industry-leading security standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2) and enables to create secure and intuitive e-signature workflows on any device, track the status of documents in your account and build online fillable forms.

Use SignNow to:

  • Send document for signing
  • Set completion notifications
  • Allow signature forwarding
  • Set signing order for templates
  • Bulk invite
  • Create document signing link
  • Resend signing invite
  • Customize signing invite
  • Add carbon recipients
  • Set document expiration date
  • Decline to sign
  • Set reminders

The eSignature process document is available here.

Please use the SignNow eSignature account/training request form to request a SignNow account or training.

Vendor Payments and Payment Requests

Accounts payable is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of the student refunds, vendor invoices, payment and check requests.

The updated W9 Form can be downloaded here.

All invoices and payment requests are coded according to the expense dictionary and approved by the budget manager.

We highly encourage sending vendor invoices to [email protected] in order to process them in a timely manner and avoid delays.

Vendors payments are processed by physical checks, V-Cards or ACH/EFT.

UWS has partnered with AvidXchange to implement an electronic invoice and/or bill payment process, which is facilitated on our behalf by AvidXChange, Inc. This process will facilitate a more efficient bill payment process that is consistent with our efforts to act in a more environmentally sensitive manner.

As included in the service agreement for AvidPay Service, AvidXchange shall have the authority to undertake the following action:

  • Request information on your accounts receivables process, payment delivery references and facilitate the payment delivery preference; i.e. the ability to accept an electronic payment with proper payment information on behalf of UWS or through a paper check.

These changes or modifications to payment delivery preferences will be limited only to those vendors, suppliers and payees that do NOT charge a fee or change the level of service provided to UWS as a result implementing AvidXchange electronic payment processes.

AvidXchange offers three different payment methods to ensure you are paid quickly, efficiently and on your terms. If the company you’re working with is not currently registered with AvidXchange, the AvidXchange supplier enrollment team will be reaching out to you to register the company on the payment option that best fits your needs. Alternatively, you can complete the supplier network enrollment form and submit it together with your W9 at [email protected].

  • Mastercard. Receive payment by email within one business day after payment approval. This option delivers a one-time use, virtual Mastercard every time an invoice is approved for payment. Fees from your merchant account may apply. (Fastest)
  • AvidPay Direct (Enhanced Direct Deposit). Receive direct deposit within three business days after payment approval. This payment option delivers funds directly to your bank account and emails you remittance data for simple reconciliation. Variable transaction fees will apply. (Faster)
  • Check. Receive checks via USPS 7-10 business days after payment approval. (Fast)

For specific invoice questions, please contact the UWS accounts payable specialist at [email protected].