ASB Candidates

ASB Elections are now open! Please take some time to get to know the ASB Candidates below and to read their campaign and how they hope to represent and serve the UWS student community.


Name: Cody Sieben
Program: Doctor of Chiropractic

Biography: Hi everyone ! My name is Cody Sieben and I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! After nearly a decade of working in finance I was a ready for a change and decided to pursue my dream of becoming a chiropractor. Outside of my career, I’ve taught martial arts for nearly 20 years to students of all ages and abilities. Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the Vice President of your Associated Student Body (ASB). While around campus you’ll find me making new connections naturally and if I haven’t met you yet I’m sure it’s a matter of time.

Candidate Statement: I am interested in serving you and your interests first and foremost. Your education and what you need to succeed should be heard and acted on. I plan on leading a strong team to coordinate student needs, plan thoughtful events, and build an inclusive community for all. With experience as your Vice President this past year, I have a unique perspective on the inner workings of ASB together with being a part of the student population.

Vice President

Name: Lauren Allam
Program: Doctor of Chiropractic

Biography: Lauren is a native of Pasadena, Maryland and served as an active-duty Marine for 8 years prior to attending the DC program where she is currently in quarter 7. Throughout the past year she has served ASB as the treasurer taking part in managing the budget, organizing events, and advocating for students. As Vice President, she is requesting a larger platform to advocate for the student body to address real concerns. Lauren can bring her 8 years of small unit leadership experience to provide organization and structure increasing transparency and communication with all students.

Candidate Statement: I would like to empower the ASB team with a bias for action, communication, and transparency so we can advocate for student concerns to increase the quality of education for all programs. Any positive changes we make improves our collective abilities and have greater quality of care downstream to help all our patients.


Name: Abigail Soulagnet
Program: Doctor of Chiropractic

Biography: The chiropractic profession is an extremely intimate and human career to pursue. Tending to patients in vulnerable states should always be approached with mindfulness, social warmth, and attention to detail- traits I’ve always strived to embody both as a healthcare professional and growing individual. I believe that it’s important to treat all of our peers in the same sensitive manner, recognizing that we are all on our own difficult journeys navigating our very first go-rounds on this planet. As a former psychology student at PSU, putting forth the effort needed to understand others has grown to be second nature. I pride myself on my good listening skills, optimism, empathy, and ability to make my peers feel included.

I am a creative business owner, former researcher for cystic fibrosis treatment at OHSU, portrait photographer, musician, and fashion enthusiast. Prior to my graduate career, I participated in several volunteer opportunities for nearby nonprofits such as TopSoccer, Oregon Humane Society, and a small pet rescue center. Getting to know new people and places is one of my favorite ways to engage with my environment, and I love hearing all of the different stories and perspectives those around me have to offer. I look forward to serving the UWS community in any way that I can!

Candidate Statement: Having filled secretary roles for my hometown high school and local businesses, I feel comfortable attending to the business of our University. I have an eye for aesthetics and graphic design, especially concerning infographics and social media. I would love to help design posters, and informational memos for the school, or help to popularize our campus clinic online. I am optimistic, energetic, and someone who understands the importance of community involvement. As a secretary, I would prioritize elevating the voices and thoughts of my fellow ASB members and student collective, helping to organize our ideas in a productive manner.


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Officer

Name: Emma Agger
Program: Doctor of Chiropractic

Biography: I have a lifetime of experience in the chiropractic profession, as I’m a legacy student at UWS and have grown up in a natural healthcare household. As the Co-President of the newly reborn Queer and Allies Club and the Student Representative for Standard Process at UWS, I bring my passion for education and culture to the forefront of this role.

I’m a graduate of Pacific University summa cum laude, a Portlander, and a Scorpio. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2020 with a focus on racial disparities in professional ballet companies, with minors in dance and music. I was fortunate to be mentored by medical anthropologist Dr. Jessica Hardin, who has spent over a decade studying and publishing literature on non-communicable diseases in Pacific Island countries. Through her work, I have learned valuable lenses to address topics of DEI in healthcare, such as culture, colonialism, and class.

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a chiropractic assistant at my parents’ clinic, and as a care coordinator at a speech therapy clinic. I then enrolled at Portland Community College to complete my prerequisite courses for this program, where I began working at the Disability Center to provide a more inclusive syllabus model to professors.

Any time I get outside of school is spent hanging out with my friends, family, boyfriend, or cats (or all of them at once). Bonus if I get to do anything music-related or get to try new restaurants/bars out around the city while I’m with them.

Candidate Statement: While I’m educated on topics around DEI in healthcare and higher education, I would act as a liaison between students and ASB to ensure that you see your identity represented in the curriculum, the clinic, the events we hold, and the guest speakers we bring. Your ideas for what an inclusive learning environment looks like are what I want to bring to fruition.

College Officer - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Name: Ashley Wilfong
Program: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Ashley Wilfong

Biography: Hello! My name is Ashley Wilfong, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Associated Student Body (ASB) election. I believe that strong student leadership is crucial for fostering a vibrant and inclusive school community. With your support, I am eager to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to serving as a representative and making a positive impact on our school. I have had the privilege of being actively involved in student leadership at various levels throughout my educational journey. From my high school years to my undergraduate college experience, and now in my graduate experience I hope to consistently seek opportunities to contribute and make a positive impact within the student body. My past experiences have not only deepened my understanding of effective leadership but have also honed my ability to collaborate, inspire, and advocate for the needs of my peers.

Candidate Statement: I’m committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive school community through strong student leadership. With a track record of leadership from high school to grad school, I bring dedication and passion to the table. My priorities include amplifying student voices, enhancing campus engagement, and advocating for diverse perspectives. Together, let’s build a school where every voice is heard, every idea valued, and every student empowered to thrive. With your support, we can make a meaningful impact on our school’s future.

College Officer – Graduate Studies

Name: Brittany Aquino
Program: Doctor of Education, Sports and Performance Psychology

Biography: Hi my name is Brittney Aquino,
This is currently my fourth term here at UWS and I am in the EdD-SPP program. I am also currently a professor at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) teaching sport psychology classes. CSUN is my alma mater as I graduated from there with a bachelor’s in kinesiology sports studies and a master’s in kinesiology sports psychology. I plan to use my degrees in the future to become a CMPC and consult with a major league or Olympic team. I also plan to stay in academia while consulting to publish and research more literature. I currently consult for high school teams, as well as recreational adult athletes, and am an occasional mindfulness teacher. My previous experience in student governance is that I am currently the graduate studies officer for ASB at UWS. I find it very fulfilling and have enjoyed my experience thus far, which is why I would like to run again to be a board member of ASB and hopefully make more of an impact these next few terms.

Candidate Statement: I am interested in serving in the role of graduate studies officer because I have found being a part of the ASB board very meaningful and would like to continue my work in connecting and reaching out to students, faculty, and upper leadership. I want to accurately represent the graduate studies programs and be the voice for them to be heard. When I first joined ASB I did not know what to expect but I knew that I wanted to be more involved and engaged in the UWS community, joining ASB has given me the opportunity and platform to do so and I hope I can continue doing that. My top governance priorities are advocating for funding for the registration fees for annual conferences that graduate students attend and for more in-person events for the online programs to join in on. Career pathways and mentorship groups are also another priority I would like to touch base on these upcoming terms.

College Officer – Doctor of Chiropractic

No candidates