UWS Safe App: Campus Alerts

UWS Safe is the official safety messaging app for all UWS students and employees. Features include emergency contacts, crisis alerts, location services features, in-app tip reporting and much more. Stay connected with UWS campus safety by downloading the UWS Safe app.

Sign up for alerts

Download the free UWS Safe mobile app to receive notifications about campus safety and security as well as quick and easy access to security services, maps, reporting tools and many other resources. The app sends you push notifications for real-time alerts. Campus alerts sent from UWS Safe keep you informed in the event of campus closures, hazards and other significant, urgent events affecting the university across multiple platforms: UWS Safe app notifications, text message (by subscription), your UWS email, the UWS website and UWS social media accounts.

App features

  • Campus closures and alerts.
  • Mobile blue light to contact UWS campus safety in the event of a serious incident. This feature is only active during campus hours and within a ½ mile radius of campus.
  • Friend Walk – a virtual walk-home service that allows a friend or UWS security to watch your progress to your car.
  • One touch button on app to contact campus safety.
  • Make reports regarding on-campus safety concerns.
  • Anonymous reporting is available for reports of harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or threats of harm to others or oneself.
  • Make a report online without the app here.
  • Find support resources such as safety videos and mental health resources. 

Campus Closings

Employees and students are urged to listen to their radios or check the UWS website on mornings when weather or other conditions are hazardous. Local radio and television stations begin announcing closures/late openings at 6:30 a.m. Campus closings are also announced across multiple platforms, including the UWS Safe app notifications, text message (by subscription), your UWS email, the UWS website and UWS social media accounts.

If a late opening is announced, UWS employees and students are expected to report for work or classes at the announced time. Even though the campus may be open, each person is responsible for deciding if weather conditions at their residence or on the route to UWS make it unsafe to travel to campus. See Policy 3020 – Closing due to Inclement Weather or Emergency.

Impact of Campus Closings on Exams

If exams are scheduled when the university is closed, exams will be rescheduled. If the university opens late and exams are scheduled to begin during the period the university is closed, only those exams during this period will be rescheduled. All other exams will take place as scheduled.