University of Western States Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree Program Collaborates with the Institute for Functional Medicine 

The University of Western States (UWS) Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) degree program welcomes its inaugural class in fall term 2023

University of Western States (UWS) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) are pleased to announce their joint collaboration to integrate the functional medicine curriculum into the UWS doctor of naturopathic medicine (NMD) degree program, enrolling its first class in fall term 2023.

“This collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine benefits our doctor of naturopathic medicine students and the patients they serve with an organizational structure designed to address the complex needs of people with acute and chronic health dysfunction,” said Dr. Marcia Prenguber, dean of the naturopathic medicine program. “With this integration of curricula, UWS doctor of naturopathic medicine (NMD) graduates complete the requirements to qualify for jurisdictional licensing and complete the IFM training requirements to qualify for the IFM certification examination.”

Naturopathic medicine and functional medicine are evidence-informed, patient-centered approaches to achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being by addressing the root cause of dysfunction, not simply suppressing symptoms. Functional medicine’s focus on understanding each individual patient’s genetic, environmental, and lifestyle influences complements naturopathic medicine and integrates its full scope of assessments and treatment modalities.

The UWS mission is to advance the science and art of integrated health care through excellence in education and patient care. This collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine aligns with the university’s mission and prepares health care professionals to address individual patient concerns.

“Functional medicine and naturopathic medicine share a common focus on patient-centered care,” said Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA, IFM chief executive officer. “IFM is honored to support the naturopathic medical students of UWS through the integration of functional medicine curriculum, faculty training, and scholarship to ensure confident and successful practitioners of naturopathic medicine.” 

“UWS is proud to extend its long-standing partnership with IFM to include the doctor of naturopathic medicine degree program. By embracing a whole-person approach to optimizing health and well-being, UWS graduates bring unique competencies to the field of modern health care,” said President Dr. Joseph Brimhall. 

UWS NMD Program Overview

The UWS NMD curriculum is a 14-quarter doctoral degree program, taught year-round. Students complete the program in 42 months (three and a half calendar years). UWS delivers the NMD program at its vibrant, state-of-the-art campus in Northeast Portland. The curriculum includes anatomical sciences, physiology, pathology, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, and pharmacology, to provide graduates with a broad array of modalities and procedures for the clinical care of patients. Clinical competencies are assessed through a variety of evaluations including standardized patient experiences and are applied in clinical practice through various patient care settings.


• Graduates qualify for jurisdictional licensing in naturopathic medicine.
• Graduates qualify for IFM certification.
• Program is financial aid eligible to qualified applicants.
• Students receive hands-on experience and training in the UWS Connected Whole Health clinic system.
• Standardized patient experiences provide firsthand opportunities for students to learn and assess their clinical skills and competencies.

About The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) 

As the leading voice for functional medicine for more than 30 years, IFM is advancing the transformation of healthcare for patients and practitioners worldwide. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, IFM supports the confident and competent practice of functional medicine through high-quality education and certification programs; partnerships across medical disciplines; and advocating on behalf of functional medicine clinicians and patients across the globe. IFM is the only organization providing functional medicine education and certification programs that is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). For more information, please visit