University of Western States Core Values

UWS core values

In fall 2019, University of Western States (UWS) launched an initiative to better define its core values as a forward-thinking health science university. Core values are fundamental concepts that support the UWS mission and goals, shape the campus culture and exemplify the university’s brand and identity. In short, the formal exploration of core values helps the campus answer the questions, “Why do we do what we do at UWS?” and “What values do we want to personify to create an exceptional workplace and educational environment?”

Guided by the university motto, “for the good of the patient,” the initiative focused on engaging faculty and staff in identifying core values that make UWS a unique place to work and learn. A task force was convened to formulate the key core values of the university based on input from employee focus group sessions led by Executive Vice President Rosalia Messina, EdD, MPA, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dana Sims, PhD.

“The core values will assist us promoting cohesion on our new campus by guiding us on how we want to treat each other, our students, our patients and our community,” Dr. Messina stated.

The university’s new core values will:

  • Guide the recruitment, selection and evaluation of employees.
  • Integrate into strategic and operational planning processes.
  • Inform institutional decisions and the creation of institutional goals and objectives.
  • Be promoted internally and externally to help differentiate UWS from other colleges and universities.

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