UWS Alumnus Named NBCE At-Large Director

UWS Alumnus Jason Young, DC, (Class of 2007) has been elected as an at-large director of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) and will serve a two-year term.

Dr Jason Young headshot

“It’s an incredible honor to be considered, let alone elected to the NBCE,” said Dr. Young. “It’s rare that one has the opportunity to be in a position where you can impact so many lives for good and I plan to take advantage of this for that very purpose.”

On the NBCE Board of Directors, there are five district directors elected by state delegates, two Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board (FCLB) appointed directors and four at-large directors.

Dr. Young is the second black chiropractic physician to serve as a member of the NBCE Board of Directors.

“Also, as one of the very few black chiropractic physicians in the world today, I recognize the importance of what I’m doing for other ethnic minorities in the profession,” said Dr. Young. “There are far too few of us and I feel like this fact makes every one of us a trailblazer, in some respect. When we get to see somebody who looks like us ascend to the highest levels of leadership, it is a catalyst for inviting more participation from minorities in the profession who have an incredible amount of good to offer. While I don’t think that race, ethnicity, gender, etc., is a good enough reason alone for somebody to step into positions like this, I know that there are some people who may feel excluded, for whatever reason, because they lack the role models. I’m happy and honored to have the opportunity to be one of the role models for future, and better, leaders in our profession.”

Previously, Dr. Young served the NBCE as an examiner for the Part IV exam and committee member for the Part III and Part IV tests.

“I have loved all of the experiences I have had with the NBCE leading up to this point in my career,” said Dr. Young. “I even liked taking the tests, because they were an opportunity to showcase that all the sacrifices I made, and my family made, were valuable,” said Dr. Young. “I’m very excited to continue a tradition of excellence in testing that has been the hallmark of the NBCE as well as helping to innovate and create new solutions to accomplish the mission at hand.”

Dr. Young, who was named the 2016 UWS Alumnus of the Year, is also a graduate of the UWS human nutrition and functional medicine master’s program (Class of 2014). He currently manages a successful private practice in Corvallis, Ore., and serves as the chiropractic physician for the Oregon State University athletic department. He previously served two three-year terms as a member of the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners (OBCE), two years as president.

“When I was a member of the OBCE, I worked to protect the public,” said Dr. Young. “I’m excited that now as a member of the NBCE I can work to protect and promote the chiropractic profession.”