Jaime Medina, recent grad, lands an associateship

Jaime Medina, recent grad, finds an associateship
UWS alumns Jaime Medina, DC, and Ken Delp, DC.

The University of Western States (UWS) community is made up of more than 7,000 students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. This past spring, the university created an online space for meaningful, actionable and supportive connections between UWS community members. This trusted community is called UWS Switchboard.

UWS Switchboard is a digital space to connect with the UWS community by asking for what you need and offering what you want to share. Early members have taken advantage of the platform, showcasing jobs, shadowing opportunities, patient referrals and practice management advice. Members have also posted asks and offers for housing and goods.

Jaime Medina, DC, a recent graduate searching for associateships opportunities connected with UWS alumnus Ken Delp, DC, of Delp Chiropractic and Massage through a Switchboard post and began working with Dr. Delp this summer.

Dr. Medina relocated from Portland to the Yakima area with his wife, Chantel, and their two young children.

“Delp Chiropractic and Massage is located in a rural area 20 minutes south of Yakima, Washington,” explained Dr. Medina. “I will be working closely with the Hispanic population of the city and surrounding towns. I am looking forward to using my Spanish more actively and to becoming a close part of the community. My family and I are generally city people, so moving to a town with a population of 3,000 will be a bit of a culture shock, but a welcomed one.”

Through the UWS Switchboard, UWS clinicians and faculty are able to actively engage and help facilitate meaningful relationships between students and the UWS community.

“The UWS Switchboard is definitely a valuable tool and it helped me meet a colleague I feel will help me be successful in my practice and someone I feel has the same standard of care after graduating from UWS,” said Dr. Delp.

UWS Switchboard is open to the entire UWS community: alumni, students, friends of the university, faculty and staff, and Dr. Medina encourages everyone to be involved.

“I wouldn’t have this new opportunity following graduation had I not discovered the UWS Switchboard,” said Medina. “Getting to know the alumni services department at the school was such a great thing for me. They are always actively looking to connect doctors with students who could benefit from their expertise and knowledge–all you have to do is ask.”

UWS alumna, attending physician and clinical educator, Amanda Armington, DC, has also loved using Switchboard.

“As a UWS faculty clinician, I am working directly with students that are constantly looking for shadowing or practice opportunities. Switchboard has been great for these kinds of connections, and I have found myself making them more often than before I used the platform,” Said Dr. Armington. “I really do prefer this to other forms of social media for professional connections and I love the app because it’s super easy to use, just like the website.”

Would you like to get involved? Sign up today.