UWS Exploring Additional Campus Space Due to Projected Development and Growth

University of Western States will list current Northeast Portland campus as part of the search to acquire additional campus space.


University of Western States (UWS) has announced it is exploring options of acquiring additional campus space within a 10-mile radius of the current Northeast Portland campus due to the steady growth and development of the institution. As part of this process the university is listing its current campus property, located in the Russell Neighborhood at 2900 NE 132nd Ave. in Portland. Founded in 1904, UWS offers a doctor of chiropractic degree program and master’s degrees in exercise and sport science, human nutrition and functional medicine, sports medicine, sport and performance psychology, and diagnostic imaging.

Sara Mathov, vice president for operations and campus planning, is leading the project and says the university did an extensive audit of the current campus facilities to understand the space needs and challenges.

“Rethinking our space and developing a plan that will best fit the needs of our growing university is a very exciting prospect,” said Mathov. “We have been gathering data and conducting research and will use that information to define the best options for the university’s campus. While there are multiple options for the end result, our planning committee will continue to focus on a holistic approach to create recommendations for future university facilities.”

UWS has experienced steady enrollment growth coupled with an increase in employees to support additional students. Additional space will alleviate room constraints and provide suitable facilities for the 1,027 undergraduate and graduate students and 415 faculty and staff members at the university. UWS is gathering community input to help envision and establish modern learning spaces for students along with optimal office and meeting spaces for staff.

“As we approach our 115th year as an institution, we remain committed to investing in infrastructure that supports the entire university community,” said UWS President Dr. Joe Brimhall. “We want to use this process to explore and create inspired, sustainable campus spaces that facilitate excellence in teaching and learning, and foster transformational educational experiences.”

Find more information on the project here.